Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Welcome to the New York - New Jersey Alumni Community

You don't have to be on campus to be part of the University of Dayton community. Last year, alumni communities across the country hosted more than 500 events, including career-related, community service, spiritual activities, events around Flyer athletics and of course, social activities.

The New York - New Jersey alumni community works hard to bring the Flyer spirit to your city by providing a wide variety of activities, services and events each year. We hope you enjoy your community site and find that it further connects you to your alma mater and fellow alumni. You can also log into to reconnect with alumni across the country. 

Community leader
Kevin Stacey '06

Total Graduates: 3510

1930's: 1
1940's: 4
1950's: 54
1960's: 513
1970's: 1084
1980's: 723
1990's: 575
2000's: 411
2010's: 145

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