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Endowed Chairs

Our endowed chairs and professorships are filled for specific terms by faculty who are recognized for their teaching and research. These positions support both the undergraduate experience and graduate programs, in addition to the research mission of the College. For undergraduates, these dedicated faculty support integrated learning and scholarship in order to enrich the curriculum and promote undergraduate research. On the graduate level, several of the endowed chairs support the doctoral program in theology with its distinctive research focus on Catholicism as it is inculturated in multiple ways in the United States.

Alumni Chair in Humanities

The Alumni Chair recognizes the centrality of the humanities to liberal learning and works to encourage scholarly enrichment. Read more >>

Ferree Professor of Social Justice

The Ferree Professor connects Catholic social teaching and the social sciences through the community-building mission of the Fitz Center. Brother Raymond L. Fitz, S.M. is the first Fr. Ferree Professor. Read more >>

Graul Chair in Arts and Languages

The Graul Chair promotes interdisciplinary approaches to the arts and languages with a particular focus on international perspectives. Read more >>

Gudorf Chair in Catholic Theology and Culture

The Gudorf Chair plays a central role in the advancement of the doctoral program in theology offered by the Department of Religious Studies. Read more >>

Mann Chair in the Sciences

The Mann Chair in the Sciences recognizes outstanding accomplishments and contributions, with an emphasis on scholarship in the sciences. Read more >>

Mary Ann Spearin Chair in Catholic Theology

The Mary Ann Spearin Chair in Catholic Theology recognizes a distinguished scholar who has made significant contributions to theological explorations related to U.S. Catholicism. Read more >>

Roesch Chair in the Social Sciences

The Roesch chair encourages innovative and interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship in the social sciences. Read more >>

University Professor of Faith and Culture

The University Professor of Faith and Culture strives to deepen the academic and intellectual discourse on campus concerning Catholic culture and intellectual traditions. Read more >>