Commemorating the Centenary of World War I

World War I was a seminal event in modern global history that inaugurated diverse political, cultural, artistic, religious and social changes with immense global impact. It was much more than the falsely promised "war to end all wars," and the Wilsonian idea of "making the world safe for democracy." Not only the war itself, but also its aftermath affected the entire human experience in ways that continue to affect contemporary life.

In recognition of the war’s significance in influencing multiple dimensions of our human existence, the Alumni Chair in Humanities is promoting and supporting projects on campus that mark its centenary, including public presentations, arts performances, curricular development, student initiatives, and other endeavors. In addition to activities of the University of Dayton community, our office is also collaborating with other individuals and institutions in the Dayton community who are working together to commemorate the war: Commemorating the Great War in Dayton.

Forthcoming events, and links to other activities, groups, conferences, and projects on World War I around the globe will be posted on this site.

A committee of faculty is working together to develop, pursue and support these efforts. Interested students and faculty are welcome to join us. For more information, please contact Dr. Ellen Fleischmann.