Celebration of the Arts at Schuster

Stander Symposium: Celebration of the Arts

The Celebration of the Arts is an annual event that presents creative work from outstanding art, music, dance and theater students. The Department of Art and Design faculty select upper level students from every area – photography, fine arts, art education, art history and graphic design – to display art and design work at downtown's premier arts venue, the Schuster Center.

This significant arts event, hosted by the President of the University of Dayton, provides the greatest possible public prominence to the arts at UD. Audiences from across the Dayton community enjoy an evening of performance and visual art from UD’s most accomplished students. Music and Theater students perform a variety of short works inside the performance hall. Visual arts students exhibit their work within the soaring spaces of the Schuster Center’s lobby known as the Winter Garden.

The Celebration of the Arts is held in conjunction with the Annual Brother Joseph W. Stander Symposium. Learn more about Stander (www) >>

Highlights from the Celebration of the Arts