"The philosophy behind our songs is to let the world know this place has better things to offer ..." - Khumariyaan

Date: 8:00 pm

Time: Thursday, October 2

Location: Boll Theatre, Kennedy Union

Travelling from Pakistan for their first US tour, this young ensemble is known for its intensity, energy and vision.  With their daring mix of Eastern and Western instruments, Khumariyaan has reawakened the live music scene in Peshawar, the ancient crossroads through the Khyber Pass.

The lute-like Pashtun rubab is the core of this jam quartet; Khumariyaan (which loosely translates as "intoxication") also uses the zerbaghali (clay or wooden goblet drum) and Pashtun sitar (long-necked lute). Unlike most strongly vocal-based South Asian music, Khumariyaan is an instrumental band, knitting together threads from a variety of traditions, earnestly sharing their belief that music is a universal language. Their rolling pulse and richly layered sound builds with a force that has drawn followers among both urban and rural Pakistanis. As one member of the band observed, "The fact that our music is like the sound of the soil packaged in a new way is what urges people to listen to us." Khumariyaan will be in residence on campus September 29 - October 3.

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