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Internship Checklist

 Students can use this checklist of their course responsibilities to stay on track and successfully complete CMM 498: Communication Internship.

Pre-requisites: Eligibility for CMM 498

____  Communication major.
____  Sophomore standing or above (30 credit hours completed or more).
____  Successful completion of CMM Modules: 110, 111 or 112, 113.
____  Successful completion of CMM 201, CMM 202 & CMM 330.
____  Minimum of 3.0 GPA in communication.
____  Approval of Department of Communication Internship Coordinator.


____  Current resume written and designed by student, is submitted to and approved by Department of Communication Internship Coordinator.
____  Appropriate internship position is secured that is relevant to student’s concentration and entails significant professional job duties.
____  Official job description from the business or organization is submitted to the Communication Internship Coordinator.
____  Meeting of Communication Internship Coordinator and student is held to discuss appropriateness of employer and the job description as well as students goals. Students must make the appointment.

Application for CMM 498 Registration

____  Educational Objectives, a key part of Internship Learning Agreement, are completed according to course directions and are approved by Communication Internship Coordinator.
____  Internship Learning Agreement student information section is completed, and addendums – resume and educational goals – are revised, if require by Communication Internship Coordinator.
____  Student’s part of the Internship Learning Agreement package (with addendums) are approved by the Communication Internship Coordinator.
____  The approved Internship Learning Agreement (with addendums) is submitted to and completed by the employer.
____  The completed Internship Learning Agreement package is signed and dated by both student and the employer.
____  The completed Internship Learning Agreement package is submitted to Communication Internship Coordinator no later than two weeks after starting internship and no later than Week 8 of regular academic year. During summers, the completed Learning Agreement package must be submitted to the Internship Coordinator no later than two weeks after starting internship and no later than the last day to add summer courses as set by the Registrar’s Office, usually the first day of the second summer session. No Agreement will be accepted after the first day of the second summer session, and CMM 498 cannot be added after that date.
____  Register and be prepared to pay tuition for Communication Internship, CMM 498, for one, two or three credits. The only way to register for the course is through the Communication Internship Coordinator. The course is never full, despite any pop-up on the Registrar’s Office web page.

Course Work

____  Attend mandatory internship/portfolio workshop this semester, if one is scheduled by the Communication Internship Coordinator (usually in conjunction with UD Career Services). Students considering summer internships should plan to attend the workshop in the semester prior to the internship.
____  Spend 15 minutes each work day to log internship tasks, projects and accomplishments in a notebook. Use the notebook to prepare your progress reports and portfolio. Use the notebook to note any educational and exemplary material from supervisors and professional colleagues that you might use on first job. Consider the notebook as your own textbook. Electronic media interns' logs might be called for review at random by UD electronic media instructors.
____  Write the required number of professional Progress Reports on your internship work and achievements of educational objectives.
____  Submit each Progress Report to the Communication Internship Coordinator by 4 p.m. of the first day of each month or by other specified dates approved in advance by the Internship Coordinator. Students earning three credits must submit at least three progress reports. Students earning one or two credits must submit at least two reports.
____  Write a Reflective Essay at semester’s end, specifically addressing educational objectives and professional accomplishments. Include the essay in your Portfolio.
____  Complete a professional Portfolio with all required documents and evidence of professional competency achieved during the internship.

 ____  Submit the hard-copy Portfolio to Communication Internship Coordinator so that it arrives in the Department of Communication Office no later than 4 p.m. on the first day of examinations of the semester of the internship, regardless when the internship ends. For the exact date of semester examinations, see the University's Academic Calendar.
____  Gently remind the employer about 10 days before the final class day of the semester to complete the Intern Evaluation Form from the Department of Communication. The employer must complete and return the evaluation before the final class day in order for you to receive course credit.


____  Pick up critiqued portfolio in the Department of Communication office, room 121 St. Joseph Hall, no later than Week 6 of the subsequent semester. Portfolios will be available for students to pick up no later than the first Tuesday following the end of exam week. Any portfolios left in the Department of Communication office after Week 6 of the subsequent semester will be discarded.