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How to Hire a UD Communication Intern

How to Secure Student Interns for your Business or Organization
If your business, non-profit organization or government department is interested in mentoring a communication student in the workplace, you can send an internship notice by mail, FAX  or e-mail to the University of Dayton Department of Communication. Our department posts notices on a prominent bulletin board, which most communication students see at least weekly. We also send internship notices to all of our students by e-mail soon after we receive them from employers. Although we do not select interns for employers, we will encourage certain students to apply for certain jobs.

Employers select student interns as they would an employee. Employers solicit applications through a posted position, review the applications, interview the top candidates, and then choose the best candidate.

Where to Send Internship Notices
Plain print internship notices, four-color posters and/or flyers are welcomed. Submit job notices in print, Word or pdf documents to:
Dr. Annette Taylor, Internship Coordinator
Department of Communication
University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469-1410
Or e-mail

 Writing the Internship Notice
We recommend that you include the following information in your notice of an internship position. Other important information particular to your business or organization certainly can be added.

  1. Company name, complete address and website
  2. Internship job title: For example, assistant producer, assistant communication specialist, reporter.
  3.  Term of Work: Spring (January-April), Summer (May-August), Fall (September-November).
  4. Job description: List duties, as well as professional development opportunities for the intern. Please keep in mind the targeted student’s field of study – communication management, electronic media, journalism or public relations – and the student’s need to build professional skill sets.
  5.  Expectations/the Ideal Candidate: Minimum requirements expected of intern applicants. For example, excellent writing skills, proficiency in design programs (e.g., Adobe, Dreamweaver), ability to work with special clientele, successful completion of certain coursework (e.g., advanced reporting, public relations writing, page design classes), video or audio production, good work ethic.
  6. Pay: Hourly rate of pay, stipend or unpaid. Include any offering of a travel, meal and/or other type of stipend.
  7. Application procedure: For example, applicants must send cover letter, resume, references and, perhaps, writing samples. Or perhaps they must complete an online application form and, if so, include the URL.

• About the organization: A brief description of the institution’s mission.

 Where to Send Applications: Name of person receiving applications, address, phone and/or e-mail.

• Deadline: Last date for submitting applications.

• Contact: Name of person who can answer questions, if different than the person receiving applications.