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Internship Learning Agreement

Agreement Purpose

The Internship Learning Agreement serves these purposes:

  • to provide structure to the internship experience;
  • to remind all education partners of the purpose and activities of the internship; and
  • to provide a basis for evaluation and validation of the intern’s learning experience.

Internship Purpose

Internship environments and activities vary greatly in communication fields, and different students will have different learning needs and opportunities. Generally, employers and interns should aim for:

  • professional experiences that test the applicability of student intern’s classroom learning to workplace practice;
  • opportunities that help the intern gain new knowledge and develop new professional skills;
  • workplace experiences in which the intern can meaningfully contribute to the workplace and community; and
  • professional supervision and mentorship throughout the internship that will help the student progress and devise an agenda for further studies.

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Learning Agreement Form

To be Completed by the Student

Name: ______________________________

Concentration: _______________________

Est. Grad. Year: ______________________

Student's mailing address: _____________________________________________

City: _________________________________ State/Zip: ____________________

Student No. _______________________ Phone: ___________________________

E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________

Organization (Internship site):


 Department (where intern will work):


Organization Address: __________________________________________________

City _________________________________ State/Zip: ______________________

Supervisor’s name: ____________________________________________________

Supervisor's Title: _____________________________________________________

Supervisor's E-mail: ____________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________ Fax: _________________________

Number of Academic Credits requested: ____________________________________

Est. Hours on Job per Week:  _____________________________________________

Educational Objectives:

To devise appropriate objectives for the internship, you will consider the official internship job description, as well as your own needs for specific professional development. Generally, you will decide the professional skills and knowledge you hope to gain from this internship, educational lessons you hope to apply on the job, tasks you hope to accomplish, and specific indicators of successful accomplishment and learning.  For ideas, see the internship coordinator, your course instructors and company web sites, career sites, etc. Go to the Communication Internship web pages for specific directions for writing these objectives.

Current Resume:

Prepare a current resume with precise, pertinent information and an attractive design. Go to UD Career Services and/or get library books for help with content, layouts and designs.


To be Completed by the Employer

Dates of internship:  Begins ______________________ Ends ________________________

Est. Hours/Week: ___________________________________________________________

About the Intern's Supervisor:  Summary of professional communication experience

Years of experience in current position ___________________________________________ 

Years of experience in communication ___________________________________________

Intern’s Job Description:

Generally: What tasks and projects will the intern be assigned during this internship? Please list/describe. May send by e-mail.

On-Site Internship/Mentorship/Training Programs:

Please describe the program your organization might offer interns, such as weekly meetings, learning seminars or workshops, tutorials, handbooks. May send by e-mail.


Please describe how interns are integrated into the workplace, such as one-on-one guidance by an assigned mentor/supervisor, general supervision by a department head, a systematic institution internship program (e.g., a regular program of activities specifically for on-site interns). May send by e-mail.

Name of Internship Coordinator: _______________________________________________________
(If different from supervisor noted on page 1 of this Learning Agreement)

Coordinator’s Phone: _________________________________________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________________

Previous University of Dayton communication department interns

Has there been a UD communication intern at this site in the past?                       Circle:   Yes   /     No

If so, what year(s)? __________________________________________________________________

Has there been a UD intern with the supervisor assigned to the current intern?       Circle:    Yes   /    No

If so, what years(s)?__________________________________________________________________

Any other information the organization would like to convey to the UD internship coordinator and intern?


Requirements, Deadlines & Disclaimer

To receive academic credit from the UD Department of Communication for an internship, students must:

  • meet pre-requisites for Communication Internship, CMM 498, which includes a 3.0-point GPA in communication and successful completion of the department’s core courses;
  • get approval from the Department of Communication Internship Coordinator;
  • have secured an internship that provides professional experience and mentorship in a communication field;
  • complete the Internship Learning Agreement, along with the addendums, and, upon approval by the Communication Internship Coordinator, submit the Agreement package to the employer;
  • submit the completed and signed Learning Agreement with the Communication Internship Coordinator no later than two weeks into the internship and no later than Week 8 of the regular academic year; or, during summers, no later than two weeks into the internship and no later than 4 p.m. on the final date to add courses set by the registrar’s office (usually the first day of the second summer session);
  • be registered for CMM 498 while participating in the internship;
  • pay tuition for the credit hour(s); and
  • successfully complete all CMM 498 course requirements per the directions and by the set deadlines.

Course requirements are fully described on CMM 498 pages of the Department of Communication website.

Each academic credit earned translates to a minimum of 40 hours on the job during the semester/internship. A maximum of three academic credits (minimum of 120 hours on the job) can be earned for CMM 498 for a single internship position. See the UD Bulletin for further information.

The intern agrees to:

  • work the required number of hours for each registered credit.
  • submit the required number of progress reports to the Department of Communication Internship Coordinator by 4 p.m. on the first day of each month or on other specified dates approved in advance by the Communication Internship Coordinator. Progress reports detail the student’s tasks, projects and accomplishments of educational objectives in the Learning Agreement.
  • prepare a professional portfolio that includes a required number of work products that demonstrate professional competencies achieved during the internship, assessment of educational outcomes for the internship, along with other specified documents. If the internship might not result in specific work product, then the student must obtain written permission of the Communication Internship Coordinator prior to the start of the internship and agree to complete other course assignments determined by the Coordinator. The completed portfolio is due in the Department of Communication office by 4 p.m. on the first day of the semester examinations, regardless when the internship ends. For the exact date, see the UD Academic Calendar of the relevant semester.

Students cannot earn academic credit for internships already completed. No retroactive credit is ever awarded. If a student leaves an internship or drops the course past the university’s allowable withdrawal dates, tuition will still be required. See the UD Bulletin or contact the Registrar’s Office for further information on tuition.

The employer agrees to:

  • assign meaningful professional tasks/projects consistent with the internship job description and student’s educational objectives, which are attached;
  • provide the student intern with adequate supervision and mentorship by an experienced professional throughout the internship;
  • ensure that the intern will work in a professional, established environment;
  • complete and return a confidential evaluation of the intern's performance no later than the last class day of the semester. The evaluation is required for the student to receive academic credit for the internship. For the employer’s convenience, an evaluation form will be made available from the Department of Communication. The evaluation may be returned to the Department of Communication Internship Coordinator by e-mail, FAX or mail. The deadline date will be included in an evaluation-reminder correspondence from the Internship Coordinator about two weeks prior to the end of the semester.

The intern and the employer may contact the Internship Coordinator at any time during the internship with questions about the employer/intern relationship, academic program requirements, and/or course credit. The Internship Coordinator and Department of Communication will do their best to address any concerns in a prompt manner to help make the internship experience educational and productive for all parties. The Internship Coordinator, Department of Communication and University of Dayton, however, cannot guarantee the quality of the student's work or the employer's work environment.   

The Department of Communication thanks the employer for providing this educational opportunity to the UD student and applauds the employer for his/her commitment to mentorship and professional development of future professionals.


Intern: ______________________________________________________ Date:___________________

Site Supervisor: ______________________________________________  Date:___________________

UD Internship Coordinator: _____________________________________  Date:___________________

Upon completion return to:

Dr. Annette Taylor, Department of Communication
University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469-1410

Phone: (937) 229-2578

Fax: (937) 229-2055