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Welcome to the Core Program

The Core Program offers an innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum. Our program consists of a sequence of courses that fulfill many of the University's Common Academic Program requirements. These courses address a common theme, "Human Values in a Pluralistic Culture," and are carefully coordinated so that students experience the integrated character of the liberal arts. Extra-curricular speakers, arts events, and other activities related to course content are an important part of the program. The 150 students selected each year represent a cross-section of new students with differing backgrounds and abilities.

The Core Program is designed to deepen the learning experience of any interested University of Dayton student. Students from the University's four undergraduate schools – the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business Administration, the School of Education, and the School of Engineering – participate in the Core Program. Students can also earn credit toward the Honors Program with Core courses.

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Academic Programs

The Core Program is a highly innovative program that ties together several disciplines into an integrated learning experience. By studying English, history, philosophy, and religious studies in an integrated program, students have the advantage of understanding the connections between disciplines, how narratives develop, and the ways in which important human values change and emerge in diverse cultures.

Core Program Graduation

In their junior year, Core Program participants are honored with a special graduation ceremony. For more information, please visit the Core Program office at Jesse Phillips Humanities Center Room 430.

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Our students go on to succeed in a wide range of fields. With a heavy emphasis on the humanities disciplines, the Core Program prepares students of any major to meet the practical and ethical challenges of diversity and globalism.

Students are encouraged to get in touch with the University of Dayton's Career Services, who can excellent career-related resources, programs, services and opportunities that build confidence and job search skills.

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Opportunities & Activities

Core students have the opportunity to enhance their education in a variety of ways:
  • Students enrolled in the Core Program live together in an Integrated Learning-Living Community (ILLC). Students not only attend integrated classes together, but also engage in Core  community activities and events. Learn more about the ILLC "Core: Human Values in a Pluralistic Culture" from the link at right.
  • Extra-curricular speakers and presentations are scheduled throughout the year, covering a wide variety of topics that connect to the overall theme of "Human Values in a Pluralistic Culture."
  • Arts and cultural events have always been a large part of the Core Program. Every year there are many opportunities to explore the arts through cultural events in and around the greater Dayton area.
  • Core students enroll in program-specific sections of several general education courses. These sections are typically smaller groups than conventional course sections.
  • Because of the integrated nature of courses, Core students enjoy the opportunity to follow the program together, giving them a chance to form close friendships with fellow students.
  • The Core Program has for many years developed innovations that have helped UD shape its general education curriculum, connecting the mind and the heart. Because of this history, the Core Program was invited to help design the learning space in the new Marianist Hall. At the start of the 2004-05 academic year, Core students were among the first to use the innovative learning space. The program has used the flexible learning space in Marianist Hall to great advantage as it has implemented a curriculum that moves beyond the structures of seat-time and disciplinary boundaries.
For information about current Dayton area and campus Core Program events, visit the Core Program office at Jesse Phillips Humanities Center Room 430. Some of the opportunities offered to all students at the University of Dayton are listed at right.
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Faculty & Staff

The faculty of the Core Program is drawn from a diverse group of academic departments. Each semester, departments and programs offer Core-only sections among their course offerings.

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Research & Scholarship

The intellectual power and creative vitality of the College of Arts and Sciences reside in our faculty. While students lie at the center of the College’s attention, the work of the College’s faculty makes possible the distinctive education in the liberal arts and sciences that our graduates attain. All of the College’s achievements and aspirations spring in some way from faculty members’ creativity, talent, and dedication in scholarship, teaching, and professional service.


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Please contact us for more information about our programs. We look forward to hearing from you.
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