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ENG 100B Writing Seminar I - Part 2 - 2 semester hours

Together, ENG 100A and ENG 100B deliver the same student learning outcomes as ENG 100, but they do so over two semesters rather than one semester. Designed as a “stretch” version of ENG 100, ENG 100A/B enables students to achieve the ENG 100 outcomes with extended instructional support. Students receive two credits for successfully completing ENG 100A and another two credits for successfully completing ENG 100B. They usually have the same instructor for ENG 100A as for ENG 100B. Students must successfully complete both ENG 100A and ENG 100B in order to enroll in ENG 200 during their second year.

Catalog Description

Second half of year-long introductory composition course focused on personal and academic literacies, with an emphasis on expository writing. Instruction and practice in developing college-level reading, writing, research, and critical thinking skills. Emphasis is on a process approach to writing effective academic prose. Students must pass the course with a grade of “C-” or higher to satisfy the University requirement in general reading and writing competencies.

Prerequisite(s):  ENG 100A.