About the Program

Who are the Dayton Civic Scholars?

The Dayton Civic Scholars program is designed for students interested in urban affairs and social justice and students pursuing careers in public service. The true benefit for each participating student is to develop an appreciation for the work of public servants, both elected and non-elected, and to become agents of change and activists in their community.

Who can be involved?

A cohort of 15 students is chosen each year, for a program total of 45 students. The program is geared toward first-year social science majors after they have completed their first semester, although applications are accepted from first-year students pursuing any major. Those majors include Sociology, Criminal Justice Studies, Psychology, Political Science and International Studies. Selections by a committee comprised of social science faculty are made based on student submitted applications.

The Dayton Civic Scholars program consists of three cohorts. Applications for the next cohort are accepted from first-year students beginning in November. Applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of social science faculty, staff, and Dayton Civic Scholars. Fifteen students are be selected for the new cohort and are be introduced in March of each year.

What is expected of Dayton Civic Scholars?

Students who are accepted into the program begin with a four-day summer leadership workshop. Attendance is required. Curriculum in upper-class years consists of:

  • 8-week Mini Course each semester
  • Sophomore Dayton Civic Scholars Social Science Seminar (Spring 2011)
  • Leadership in Building Communities Seminar (POL 426 or SOC 426)
  • Leadership Internship or Semester of Service (examples of participating organizations: City of Dayton, City of Kettering, Downtown Dayton Partnership, Daybreak, Dakota Center, CityWide, and Homelessness Solutions Board)
  • Ongoing Service-Learning
  • Additional Workshops in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Grant Writing, and Census Research will be offered
Benefits of Being a Dayton Civic Scholar

In addition to making positive contributions to the greater Dayton community, learning about careers in public service, exploring the relationship between urban affairs and social justice, and developing valuable leadership skills, Dayton Civic Scholars are entitled to a variety of benefits.

  • Each student receives a $1000 scholarship for each year in the program (up to three years).
  • Students who complete the Dayton Civic Scholars program receive official certificates upon graduation and official transcript notations on their undergraduate transcripts.