Meet Our Alumni

Our past cohorts:


  • 2013 cohortAaron Sprague
  • Nicole Goettemoeller
  • Kaitlin Kenny
  • Ryan Tuohy
  • Taylor Pair
  • Andrew Kowalksi
  • Milena Pisani
  • Jill Pajka
  • Emily Striebich
  • Sabhina Hahn
  • Amy Price
  • Tara Sulzerr
  • Elizabeth Wetzel
  • Ellen Comes
  • Lindsay Rynne

The 2013 Cohort collaborated with the City of Dayton Department of Water and UD's New Student Orientation to educate the first year students about the region's amazing water resources and importance of drinking tap water.



  • 2012 cohortPaul Azzi
  • Gretchen Berkemeier
  • Jennifer Biette
  • Kristen Crum
  • Molly Daniels
  • Kristen Diddle
  • AJ Ferguson
  • Alex Galluzo
  • Tom Hanson
  • McLean Johnson
  • Sara McCrate
  • Laura Mustee
  • Bethany Renner
  • Patrick Rowe
  • Ann Wedell
  • Kelly Weisenborn

The 2012 Cohort collaborated with Campus Recreation to create the RecBike program.



  • 2011 cohortAllie Frost
  • Grace John
  • Liz Marsh
  • Maggie McKenna
  • Dominic Miller
  • Nolan Nicaise
  • Sarah Peterson
  • Jason Roland
  • Tommy Schlather
  • Eric Schroeder
  • Leah Winnike

The 2011 River Stewards cohort created a program to connect UD students to the city by organizing events under the name “Dayton Explorers.” From August 2010 – April 2011 this cohort hosted and planned bi-monthly events for UD students. All of the events were free to students and were activities in the Dayton area that River Stewards had enjoyed in the past. The goal was to foster an appreciation and use of Dayton’s natural and man-made resources in other UD students.



  • 2010 cohortFranz Berkemeier
  • Jessie Ciraldo
  • Sam Flavin
  • Tracey Horan
  • Karen Kopulos
  • Liz Markus
  • Drew Morrison
  • Katie Norris
  • Maggie Varga

For their capstone project, the 2010 Cohort decided to kayak the Great Miami River from the headwaters at Indian Lake back down to Dayton. The goal of the project was to draw attention to the river as an incredible asset to the cities that dot its banks. The students pulled from their experiences in the River Steward program to document the river from a scientific, artistic, and historical perspective while making lasting connections with the cities along the way. After an evening at Indian Lake, the students made stops in Sidney, Piqua, Troy and Tipp City, concluding the four day journey at Taylorsville Dam. They were welcomed in each city by mayors, historians, civic leaders and river enthusiasts alike. The group premiered their senior video documenting the 50-mile trip during a presentation to stakeholders of the Great Miami at the 2010 River Summit.