What makes us Human?

Rites. Rights. Writes.

The University of Dayton will engage in a year of exploration and dialogue about the influence of the arts across multiple dimensions of our lives. It will be a year of immersion inspired by the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and the compelling challenges of advancing global human rights in the 21st century.  

How do the arts shape perceptions of social issues? How do they create cultural, political, and personal change? At multiple events, and through open dialogue and experiences across our campus, we'll learn from each other how artistic explorations of critical human rights issues impact global humanity.

Beginning a year of creativity, dialogue and experience.

"Rites. Rights. Writes." begins with the start of the 2013-14 academic year. An inaugural series of events, on and off campus, embodies the spirit and theme of the year. Musical performances, art exhibitions, lectures, colloquia and conferences will inspire us to reflect on how the arts influence and affect our perception of social issues. Many of our initial "Rites. Rights. Writes." events will take place Sept. 21 to Nov. 12.

Peter BuffettThe capstone event of our First Rites, "Life is What You Make It" by nationally acclaimed artist and activist Peter Buffett, takes place at the Victoria Theatre on Tuesday, Nov. 12. Learn more >>

A year of discovery and celebration.

The diversity of events planned for the 2013-2014 academic year gives testimony to the broad-reaching effect of research in cultural traditions, rights and communication. Many departments, programs and other offices from every corner of campus have joined in this initiative by dedicating special events and annual events to the theme of "Rights. Rites. Writes."

Peter BuffettThe capstone event of our First Rites, "Life is What You Make It" by nationally acclaimed artist and activist Peter Buffett, takes place at the Victoria Theatre on Tuesday, Nov. 12. Learn more >>

Righting Wrongs.

Ready to make a difference?

Service programs and clubs are a great place to start. The University of Dayton provides many service opportunities. You can contribute for a weekend — or an entire semester — and even earn credit hours through some opportunities. Learn more by following the links at right.

In addition to our multitude of campus-wide service opportunities, students are invited to explore the Department of Political Science's Human Rights Studies Bachelor of Arts, one of the nation’s first undergraduate human rights studies degree programs.

Ballet Russes

Right Across Disciplines.

Attendance at the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra performance of Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring will be an innovative experience for first year students. With the advent of the Common Academic Program in the 2013-14 academic year, this opportunity is a crucial link to the ways that Humanities Commons disciplines connect with one another. Moreover, it is an excellent way for students to be introduced to many of the learning outcomes that are part of the new curriculum.

The sights, sounds and experiences of the "Rites. Rights. Writes." initiative begin with the Rite of Spring. But they don't have to end with one trip to the Philharmonic. The background material provided here puts Stravinsky's work into artistic, historical, social and political perspectives. Numerous opportunities afforded by this year-long initiative further an historical understanding and encourage forward-thinking about today's rites and rituals, human rights and the written word.

Porches Resources

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Other Resources

Texas Public Radio, "100 Years Of Igor Stravinsky's 'The Rite of Spring'." Listen to discussion (www) >>

The Guardian, "How Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' has shaped 100 years of music." Read article (www) >>

Robert Craft, 100 years on: Igor Stravinsky on "The Rite of Spring," The Times Literary Supplement. Read article (www) >>

"The Social Practice of Human Rights: Charting the frontiers of research and advocacy," a conference of the Human Rights Studies Program, College of Arts and Sciences. Visit the conference site (www) >>

"The Rite of Spring at One Hundred." Carolina Performing Arts, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Read more, view video (www) >>

Another way of hearing and viewing the music of the Rite of Spring, by musicians who have played the piece many times. Courtesy of the Pacific Symphony, Carl St.Clair, Music Director. View video (www) >>

"WDPR Rite Of Spring Special, Part I." First part of a two-hour special hosted by Shaun Yu of WDPR Dayton Public Radio, 88.1 (http://www.discoverclassical.org/) Mr. Yu interviews Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra conductor Neal Gittleman and Dr. Samuel N. Dorf (University of Dayton, Department of Music) about the The Rite of Spring and its impact. This program originally aired on 28 September 2013. Listen to interview (www) >>

How can we help you?

Many offices across the University of Dayton have dedicated 2013-14 events and activities to "Rites. Rights. Writes." We encourage you to address any questions you may have for specific events to those sponsoring departments and programs. The overarching initiative itself is the work of the Office of the Graul Chair in Arts and Languages. Our office information:






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