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Session One: 9:30 - 11:15 am

Contesting Human Rights

Discussant: Barbara Frey, University of Minnesota

  • Simanti Dasgupta, University of Dayton
    Sex Work, AIDS and Rights in Sonagachhi, India: Thinking between Hegemony and Resistance
  • Kristi Kenyon, Acadia University
    Choosing Rights: The Puzzle of the Rights Frame in HIV Advocacy
  • Tereza M. Szeghi, University of Dayton
    Indigenous American Literatures: Advocacy, Rights, and Sovereignty
  • Matthew Weinert, University of Delaware
    Human Beings and Being Human: The Making of ‘Gay Rights’ as Human Rights

Faith and Religion

Discussant: Kelly Johnson, University of Dayton

  • Anthony Tirado Chase, Occidental College
    Human Rights, Sexual Rights, the Muslim World, and Why 'Pushing the Envelope' Is Essential to Human Rights’ Global Resonance
  • Sheherazade Jafari, American University
    Bridging the Religious-Secular Divide within Transnational Women’s Movements? Muslim-Western Partnerships for Women’s Rights
  • David Plevak, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
    Universal Truths Encounter the Pragmatism of Modern Medicine: Application of the Principle of Subsidiarity
  • Yvonne Zimmerman, Methodist Theological School
    Good Freedom: Code of Conduct for Religious Institutions, Faith Communities, and Faith-Based Organizations for their Work with Survivors of Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Norm Diffusion

Discussant: Tsveta Petrova, Columbia University

  • Carrie Booth Walling, Albion College
    The United Nations Security Council and Human Rights Advocacy
  • Dongwook Kim, Marquette University
    How Human Rights International NGOs Promote Domestic Human Rights Trials Worldwide
  • Tom Pegram, UC London (UK)
    Orchestration or Improvisation at the UN? The International Coordinating Committee of National Human Rights Institutions
  • Anthony Talbott & Nancy Miller, University of Dayton
    Exploring Differences in Anti-Human Trafficking Laws in the American States

Migration and Violence at the US-Mexico Border

Discussant: Michele Leiby, College of Wooster

  • Mohsen Khani, Derek Petrey & Katherine Rowell, Sinclair Community College
    Human Rights Violations at the US-Mexican Border
  • Gilda Rodriguez Cervantes, Kenyon College
    Indigenous Rights in Transnational Perspective: The Rights of Immigrant Workers and the Right to Stay Home
  • Clara Roman-Odio, Kenyon College
    Bringing Theory to Practice: Human/Labor Rights in Academia
  • Nancy Powers, Kenyon College
    Avoiding the Question: The Social Practice of Human Rights in Immigration Reform

Can the Public Sector Accommodate Human Rights?

Discussant: Richard Ghere, University of Dayton

  • Youssef Farhat, Joe Strychalski, Susan Weaver & Hilary Zappin, University of Dayton
    State-Supported Foster Care: A Matter of Human Rights?
  • Leslie King & Amanda Rupp, University of Dayton
    Hydraulic Fracturing in the Great Miami River Watershed: A Human Rights Issue?
  • Teresa Perretta, Xiaorui Feng & Madison Kramer, University of Dayton
    The "Immigrant Friendly City" Program: Aligning Human Dignity with the Community Interest

Economic and Social Rights

Discussant: Paul Nelson, University of Pittsburgh

  • K. Russell Shekha, Denison University
    Universal Human Rights as Power Resources: Institutionalized Human Rights and Social Spending in 18 Latin American Countries (1980-2010)
  • Jessica Ulm, Indiana University
    Struggling to Define the Right to Education
  • Daniel J. Whelan, Hendrix College
    Indivisible Human Rights and the End(s) of the State
  • Nahal Zamani, Columbia University
    Looking Forward: Documenting the Impact of ESC Violations


Session Two: 1:00 - 2:45 pm

Human Rights Narratives in Literature

Discussant: Tereza M. Szeghi, University of Dayton

  • Percio Castro, University of Dayton
    Telling a Story or Rewriting History? Fighting Oblivion and Amnesia through Ibero-American Fiction—Quilting the Collective Memory
  • Kelli Johnson, Miami University
    The New Slave Narrative: Narrative Advocacy and Human Rights in Stories of Contemporary Slavery
  • Lena Khor, Lawrence University
    Mrs. Human Rights Stays at Home
  • Tatiana Liaugminas, University of Dayton
    Anna Akhmatova - Greatest Poet of Russia and One of Her First Dissidents

Media and Communications Rights

Discussant: Keith Doubt, Wittenberg University

  • Lisa Brooten, Southern Illinois University
    Glorifying Individual Rights: Freedom of Expression, Communication Rights and Democratic Media
  • Wiebke Lamer, Old Dominion University
    Neglecting the 'Right on Which All Other Rights Depend:' Press Freedom in the International Human Rights Discourse
  • Basilio Monteiro & Kevin Rioux, St. John's University
    Media and Globalization of Human Rights
  • Andy Valeri, Independent Media Producer
    Why Communication Rights are Essential to the Protection and Advancement of Human Rights in the 21st Century

Strategies for Effective Outcomes

Discussant: Mark Lagon, Georgetown University

  • Jo Becker, Human Rights Watch
    Strategies for Effective Human Rights Campaigns
  • Koray Kaplica, Koç University (Turkey)
    Explaining Advocacy Agenda: Human Rights NGOs in Turkey
  • Kyla McEntire, Matthew Krain & Michele Lieby, Wooster College
    Human Rights Organizations as Agents of Change: When Do They Succeed and When Do They Fail?
  • Tsveta Petrova, Columbia University
    From Principle to Pragmatism: The Motivational Life Cycle of Transnational Democracy and Human Rights Movements

Ethics and Accountability

Discussant: Tom Pegram, University College London

  • Kevin Ahern, Manhattan College
    Voices in the Wilderness: Catholic NGOs and the Challenge of Human Rights
  • Benjamin Foley, Rutgers University
    Compromising Moral Values for Survival: Patronage, Capacity, Politicization, Intimidation, and Donor Dependencies
  • Richard Ghere, University of Dayton
    Rhetoric and Ethics in Global Organizations: Implications for Human Rights
  • Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi, New School
    A Human Rights Mission: Advocacy on the Local and Global scale

Conflict and Human Security

Discussant: Carrie Booth Walling, Albion College

  • Nicole Gerring, Wayne State University
    Framing Our Focus: How Human Rights Reports Shape the Understanding of Wartime Rape
  • Natalie Florea Hudson, University of Dayton
    'Gendering' International Peacekeeping: Women for Women on the Frontlines?
  • Roxanne Krystalli, Tufts University
    Gender-Based Violence and Rethinking Human Security

Environmental Rights

Discussant: Daniel J. Whelan, Hendrix College

  • Ellen Maccarone, Gonzaga University
    Community Food Security as a Microcosm of Human Rights
  • Paul Nelson, University of Pittsburgh
    The Human Right to Water and Advocacy for Urban Water Supply: After the Privatization Struggles
  • Amelia Mae Wolf & Montserrat Lopez, New York University
    The Role of NGOs in Preventing Human Rights Violations by Addressing the Impending Threat of Climate Change


Session Three: 3:15 - 5:00 pm

New Contexts

Discussant: Sheherazade Jafari, American University

  • David Crow, CIDE (Mexico)
    Popular Perceptions of Human Rights Issues and Organizations
  • Barbara Frey, University of Minnesota
    Uneven Ground: Negotiating the Terrain of Human Rights Advocacy in Mexico
  • Janice Gallagher, Cornell University
    Frame Stickiness: Explaining Variation in How Human Rights Organizations have Confronted Violence in Mexico since 2006
  • Elie Al-Hindy, Notre Dame University (Lebanon)
    Arab Human Rights NGOs: Towards an Arab Spring

Critical Perspectives

Discussant: David Watkins, University of Dayton

  • Mark Lagon, Georgetown University
  • Constructing a Dialogue on Dignity: Advocacy for Human Dignity as Global Institutions' Focus
  • Damian Williams, New School
    Why So Pessimistic About Human Rights?
  • Diane Yeager, Georgetown University
    Dissymmetry, Equality, and Mutual Recognition: Ricoeur’s Hegelian Interrogation of the Liberal Conception of Human Rights

Witnessing through Visual Media

Discussant: Lena Khor, Lawrence University

  • Lisa Brooten, Syed Irfan Ashraf, Southern Illinois University
    Savage, Victim, Savior: Human Rights and Visual Culture in the Rohingya Crisis of Burma/Myanmar
  • Virginia Dixon, Columbia University
    Eyes in the Sky: Satellite Technology and Human Rights
  • Keith Doubt, Wittenberg University
    Photojournalism and War Crimes: Ethical and Humanistic Limits
  • Ruthie Ginsburg, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Israel)
    Collaborative Advocacy: What Effects Does Visual Documentation Have on Social Relations
  • Joel R. Pruce, University of Dayton
    Managing the Media of Human Rights Advocacy: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Information Politics

Local Initiatives Roundtable

  • Melissa Bertolo, Program Coordinator
    Welcome Dayton Immigrant Friendly City Initiative
  • Jamie Gee, Program Manager
    Montgomery County’s Ex-Offender Re-Entry Program
  • Theo Majka, Chair, Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Caucus
    National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton
  • Anthony Talbott, Chair
    Abolition Ohio
  • Michael Ward, Program Coordinator of Operations
    Montgomery County’s Ex-Offender Re-Entry Program

New Actors

Discussant: Nicole Gerring, Wayne State University

  • Brian K. Gran, Case Western Reserve University
    How Do Independent Children's Rights Institutions Redefine Human Rights Engagement?
  • Debra de Laet, Drake University
    Professional Associations and Human Rights Advocacy: A Case Study of the Role of National Medical Associations in Policy Debates over Genital Cutting
  • Jean-Marie Kamatali, Ohio Northern University
    Time for Action: Making Non-State Actors Accountable for their Human Rights Violations
  • Curtis Kline, University of Denver
    Human Rights and Emerging Actors: Indigenous Peoples and Peasants Redefining the Issues

Listening to Voices and Testimony

Discussant: Kelli Lyon Johnson, Miami University

  • Elliott Bynum, American University
    Transnational Advocacy Networks and the Use of Trauma Narratives
  • Stephen Meyers, UC San Diego
    Vertical Voices and Rationalized Rights: The Problem of Transnational Networks in the International Disability Rights Movement
  • Shayna Plaut, University of British Columbia
    The Unfolding Story of Human Rights Reporting: Tensions, Strategies and Next Steps
  • Katherine Wilson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
    Generic Testimonies in Human Rights Discourse