Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! As our world becomes more interconnected, it is essential to be able to communicate across language and cultural boundaries. The internationalization of travel, the arts, media, politics, science and technology, along with the economic interdependence of the world’s nations, has increased the demand for the multilingual professional.

Program Overview

The Department of Global Languages and Cultures offers majors in French, German and Spanish, as well as instruction in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Latin and Russian. A major in Italian can be arranged.

Our courses fall into three categories. Language skills courses develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities. Linguistic and language instruction courses provide a foundation for understanding the complexities of language. Finally, literature and culture courses expand your understanding and appreciation of other cultures through literary texts, films, art and history.

In order to prepare you for work in our global society, you will also complete a language requirement. You may satisfy the requirement by taking a proficiency examination, completing an intermediate-level language course or participating in an approved education abroad experience.

As a French, German or Spanish major, you can share your interest in languages and cultures with others with the teaching licensure option. Through the E-11 program, you will fulfill the requirements in the  Department of Global Languages and Cultures, as well as those designated by the School of Education and Health Sciences for teacher licensure by the state of Ohio. You may also elect to earn a Bachelor of Science in education with multi-age licensure, prekindergarten through grade 12, from the School of Education and Health Sciences. Concentrations in French, German and Spanish are available.

Academic Requirements

Program requirements can be found in the online Catalog. Simply select the area of study and click "Explore".