Department Events

The 2013 Undergraduate Mathematics Day will be held in conjunction with the 14th Annual Schraut Memorial Lecture on Sunday, November 3, 2013.

The Kenneth C. Schraut Memorial Lecture is an annual event that was established in 2000 to provide presentations by noted mathematicians to undergraduate students. This lecture is made possible by the generous support of alumni donations in memory of Dr. Kenneth C. Schraut, who taught mathematics at the University of Dayton for many years.

Undergraduate Mathematics Day at the University of Dayton is a biennial event to celebrate all forms of undergraduate mathematics, from research and learning to teaching and history. This biennial event provides an opportunity for undergraduate mathematicians to meet and network with more established mathematicians. We invite talks by both students and faculty.

The Alumni Seminar is a biennial event, held in every even-numbered year since 1964. Our alumni gather together and meet with students interested in mathematics. Alumni enjoy the opportunity to inform students about the professions they are in and how their studies in mathematics relate to their careers. Students have the opportunity to understand the breadth of career opportunities in the mathematical sciences and have the opportunity to establish connections with professionals in the various fields.