Music Programs at UD

The mission of the Department of Music at the University of Dayton is to develop each student's aesthetic perception of music, creative expression through music, and integration of music with other disciplines. Through curricular offerings in professional and general education courses and through solo and ensemble performances, the Department of Music serves the individual student, the University community, and the community-at-large.

Our undergraduate academic programs foster understanding and critical thinking about music's place in culture; diverse musical heritages; practical instruction to develop musical skills; and performance opportunities to enrich each student's career aspirations or avocational interests. The department also contributes to the development of future civic, religious, and academic leaders by promoting the value of life-long learning in the musical arts.

Our 30-hour master's program is specifically designed for the licensed music teacher. The MSE in Music Education can be completed in three summers or sooner when taking courses throughout the year. Online courses are also often offered.