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Admission and Registration

 Admission Procedure

The procedure to enter the Masters Degree Program in Music Education:

  1. Complete the free on-line application to the Graduate School. Access the application through the Office of Graduate Admissions. You will also need to send your undergraduate transcripts as well as three letters of recommendation. You can visit Graduate Admissions with the link at right.
  2. When you have received a letter of acceptance to the Graduate School, schedule a phone appointment with Music Education Program Coordinator, Dr. Linda Hartley. During your advising appointment, you will complete a program sheet that will outline needed courses to complete the degree requirements. This program sheet will be signed by the student, the music education coordinator, and the graduate teacher education coordinator.

Registration Procedure

To register for summer music classes, call Graduate Registration at 937-229-3723.

For program information contact Dr. Linda A. Hartley, Music Education Program Coordinator >>