The College of Arts & Sciences Operations Manual

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Dean's Executive Council

Dr. Jason Pierce, Interim Dean  
Dr. John Erdei Dr. Donald Pair
Dr. Judith Huacuja Dr. Carolyn Roecker Phelps
Dr. Keri Brown Kirschman Dr. Dan Thompson

Sub-Disciplinary Council Representatives

Humanities: Dr. Dan Thompson
Performing and Visual Arts: Dr. Judith Huacuja
Social Sciences: Dr. Keri Brown Kirschman
Physical and Life Sciences: Dr. John Erdei

Council of Chairpersons and Program Directors


Dr. Ellen Fleischmann Dr. Juan Santamarina
Dr. Jonathan Hess Dr. Andrew Slade
Dr. John Inglis Dr. Daniel Thompson
Dr. Vincent Miller Dr. William Trollinger
Dr. Francisco Peñas-Bermejo      Dr. Rebecca Whisnant
Dr. William Portier  Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski

Performing and Visual Arts:

Dr. Richard Chenoweth             Dr. Michelle Hayford
Dr. Sharon Gratto Dr. Judith Huacuja

Social Sciences:

Dr. Marybeth Carlson              Dr. Keri Brown Kirschman
Mr. Richard Ferguson   Dr. Grant Neeley
Bro. Raymond Fitz  Dr. Leslie Picca
Dr. Natalie Hudson LTC Daniel Redden
Dr. Laura Hume Dr. Roger Reeb
Dr. Arthur Jipson


Dr. John Erdei Dr. Mark Nielsen
Dr. Daniel Goldman                Dr. Kathy Scheltens
Dr. David Johnson Dr. Medhi Zargham
Dr. Joe Mashburn

Academic Committees

The Academic Affairs Committee and the Graduate Committee operate within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Several University-wide committees frequently deal with issues of importance to the College. University-wide committees whose membership includes representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences are: the Committee on Mini-Courses; the Committee on General Education and Competencies; the Graduate Leadership Council; and the Academic Senate.

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