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Collection of Recent Dissertation Titles

Student Name Dissertation Title Year Completed
Louis T. Albarran The Face of God at the End of the Road: Mexican Catholic Devotionalism and the Sacramentality of Jack Kerouac 2013
Gary Bruce Agee A Cry for Justice: Daniel A. Rudd's Ecclesiologically-Centered Vision of Justice in the American Catholic Tribune 2008
Andrew D. Black Crisis of Concreteness: John W. Nevin, the Mercersburg Theology, and the Church Question 2013
Mary Jude Brown Souls in the Balance: The "Heresy Affair" at the University of Dayton, 1960-67 2003
Isabel Caridad Fernandez For the Welfare of the City: Disciples & Citizens, A Case Study in Congregation-Based Community Organization 2007
Damian M. Costello Honor and Caritas: Bortolome de las Casas, Soldiers of Fortune and the Conquest of the Americas 2013
Timothy J. Furry From Past to Present and Beyond: The Venerable Bede, Figural Exegesis, and Historical Theology 2011
Derek Christopher Hatch

E.Y. Mullins, George W. Truett, and a Baptist Theology of Nature and Grace

Joseph Harry Jacobs The Last Modernist? The Spiritual Vision of Maude Dominica Petre 2003
Aaron James Analogous Uses of Language, Eucharistic Identity, and the Baptist Vision 2010
Satish Anthony Joseph Globalization and Militant Hindu Nationalism: The New Context for Theology in India 2009
Jonathan Anthony Malone Changed, Set Apart, and Equal: A Study of Ordination in the Baptist Context 2011
Vernon Joseph Meyer This Far By Faith - The History of Black Catholics in Phoenix, Arizona, 1868-2003 2004
Jeffrey Lawrence Morrow Evangelical Catholics and Catholic Biblical Scholarship: An Examination of Scott Hahn's Canonical, Liturgical, and Covenantal Biblical Exegesis 2007
Benjamin Tyler Peters John Hugo and an American Catholic Theology of Nature and Grace 2011
Brain R. Peterson

Ancient Voices: The Church Fathers in Ecumenical Conversation

Matthew Allen Shadle A New Catholic Approach to Understanding the Origins of War 2007