Students outside of St Joes

Continental Breakfast & Welcome

9:00-9:30 am in the St. Joseph Lounge, ground floor

Dr. Jack Bauer, Rev. Raymond A. Roesch Chair in the Social Sciences

Dr. Paul H. Benson, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences


Poster Session

9:00–10:30 am in the St. Joseph Lounge, ground floor

Dr. Jack Bauer, Psychology

Openness to Experience, Identity Exploration, and Psychological Well-Being
– Ryan Fuentes, Peter Gettings

Dr. Alexandra Budabin, Political Science

Media's Affect on the Message of the Lost Boys of Sudan
– Jordan Powers

Effectiveness of Brian Steidle's 'The Devil Came on Horseback' as Film versus Book
– Grace Blumberg

Dr. Lee Dixon, Psychology

Influence of Personality Traits in Diagnostic Approaches for Comorbid Anxiety and Depression
– Jeremy T. Schwob

Dr. Greg Elvers, Psychology

Embodied Cognition: The Study of Social Loneliness Compensation by Physical Warmth
– Emily Godshall

Dr. Ben Kunz, Psychology

Personal height influences the perception of object dimensions and affordance judgments
– Kevin Longacre

Dr. Theo Majka, Sociology

updayton Service Learning
– Grace Blumberg

Observing and Serving the Homeless Community in the Greater Miami Valley
– Alana McGee, Dustin Paulus, Nate Silverstein

Building Community for Refugees Resettled in Dayton
– Molly Winslow

The University of Dayton: A Livable Wage?
– Bill McCadden

Building Community Through the Sharing of Food
– Caitlin Browning, Amy Keckler

Diversity at Saint Francis Thrift Store
– Mercedes Carey

Surviving Tragedy: Working with Children at Oak Tree Corner
– Angela Mastandrea

Sex(uality) and the City: Sexual and Gender Minorities in Urban Areas
– Alec M. Smidt

Dr. Kyoungrae Oh, Communication

The relationship between video gaming and acceptance of interpersonal violence
– Ayse Cayli, Lu Song

The Role of Sex and Siblings in Argumentativeness
– Monica Haley

Is laughter the best medicine?
– Jennifer Bauer, Kelly Smith

Dr. Carolyn Roecker Phelps, Psychology

A Measure of Anticipatory Stress
– Elizabeth Melena, Christian Sutphin

Measuring Perceived Gender Roles
– Kaylyn Drodge, Alexandra Gilbert

A Measure of Creativity
– Sara Naderer, Kathleen Nicolello

Dr. Theresa Thompson, Communication

The effects of media on body image
– Kylee Byrd

Sex Crimes Involving College Athletes
– Christine Mascera

The difference in gender communication at school
– Muyang Li

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence: A Direct or Mediated Relationship?
– Ayse Cayli

The Changing Nature of Gender in Gaming: Growing a Complex Egalitarianism
– Lorraine Januzelli, Denise Brown

Watch outstanding female characters in "a collection of bizarre stories"
– Ying Deng


Panels & Symposia: Session One

10:00–10:50 am in St. Joseph Hall Room 013

Mr. Dick Ferguson, Fitz Center for Leadership in Community
"Leadership in Building Communities: Walnut Hills Neighborhood Group"

Participants: Gretchen Berkemeier, Alyssa Bovell, Kristen Deane, Bryan Edmundson, Lauren Erhart, Chloe Feng, Tiffany Freeman, Nia Holt, Laura Huber, Sarah Kerns, Andrew Kowalski, Madison Kramer, Adrianne Lewis, Marina LoCasto, Stephen Mackell, Bro. Brandon Paluch, Justin Parker, Veronica Paulson, Katie Repic, Jake Rettig, Laila Sabagh, Paige Singleton, Tessa Terrell, Alisa Vidulich, Jessica Yeager, Karl Downing


Panels & Symposia: Session Two

10:00–11:50 am in St. Joseph Hall Room 023

Dr. Simanti Dasgupta, Anthropology
"Colonialism and Postcolonialism"

Colonialism & the Discourse on Corruption, Human Rights, and Debt
– Michael Miller

Can the subaltern speak through story/fiction?
– Rachel Sebastian

"The Goddess Protects the Innocent," Religion as a Resistance Narrative as Shown in the "Hungry Tide"
– Elizabeth Davis

Nature at the Periphery
– Jonathan Nelson

The "Kurdish Issue" in the Turkish State: Misrepresentation and Disenfranchisement
– Christopher Stupnikov

Concepts of Hybridity: Character exploration in the novel The Hungry Tide
– Beatrix Heynig


Panels & Symposia: Session Three

10:00 am-1:50 pm in St. Joseph Hall Room 025

Dr. Arthur Jipson, Criminal Justice Studies
Session 3.1 (10:00–10:50 am): "Prostitutes and Parolees: Rehabilitating Societies Most Stigmatized Individuals"

The option to live in the Rebar Hotel or at Home: Adult Probation
– Kyle Grabowski

Changing Actions to Change Habits: Examining an ex-prostitutes re-offender program
– Sara Haydocy

Successfully Implementing CBT in the City of Dayton in Relation to Recidivism
– Marina LoCasto

Session 3.2 (11:00–11:50 am): "Practices and Policy"

The Real ID and its Importance in America
– Tyler Craport

Low-Level Marijuana Possession Arrests in New York City — A Quantitative Analysis of the NYPD's Zero Tolerance Approach
– Kathleen Harvey

Inmate Programs Effectiveness on Recidivism at the Dayton Correctional Institution
– Jamie Stukenborg

DNA Technology: A New Crime Solving Tool
– Larry Dalton

Session 3.3 (12:00–12:50 pm): "Perceptions of Sexual Violence, Mass Murder, and Media Discrimination Against Minorities"

The Perception of Violence: Sexual Crimes and the Gender Differences
– Julie Thomas

Hidden In Plain Sight: A Study of Race, Media, and Public Perspectives
– Madeline Bell

The Accuracy of the College Student Perspective on Mass Murder
– Carrie Jones

Session 3.4 (1:00–1:50 pm): "Perception, Crime, and Intervention"

Do University of Dayton students and University of Dayton police officers have a comparable perception of campus safety?
– Spencer Krumheuer

Three Strikes: Beneficial or Detrimental?
– Jake Motto

Student Perceptions of Sexual Assault at the University of Dayton
– Jessica Dudgeon


Panels & Symposia: Session Four

10:00–10:50 am in St. Joseph Hall Room 211

Dr. Shawn Cassiman, Social Work
"Help us Help Others: Student Support for a Social Work Major"

Speakers: Mary-Michael King-Sekulic, Jenn Hodulik, Lauren Ellinghausen, Lukus Krueger


Panels & Symposia: Session Five

10:00–11:50 am in St. Joseph Hall Room 231

Dr. Theo Majka, Sociology
"Community Engagement: Applying Sociology to Service Learning Projects in the Dayton Area"

El Puente and Edison Schools: Connecting Service and Concepts of Urban Sociology
– Olivia Cleary, Erin Gahimer, Tobias Hills, Jacob Hobbs, Stephanie Lloyd, Josh Nelson, Rusty Schellinger, Melanie Wood

The Art of Spirit
– Alyssa Rossler, Sam Selsky, Maria Wendling

Teaching Kids to Score: Soccer in the Community
– Michaela Herrick, Nikki Kotwasinski, Lukus Krueger, Jake Motto


Panels & Symposia: Session Six

11:00 am–12:50 pm in St. Joseph Hall Room 233

Dr. Teresa Thompson, Communication
"Gendered Sexual Violence"

Session 1: Lauren Porter, Meghan Dailey, Radiance Lunsford

Session 2: Maria Delgado, Allison Moon, Wonsik Han, Weiqi Hu, Xing Jin


Panels & Symposia: Session Seven

10:00 am–5:30 pm in Miriam Hall Room 103

Dr. Barbara John, Economics
"Overcoming Underdevelopment"

Speakers: Ashley Anderson, Daniel Berko, Stephanie Bush, Kevin Carlin, Matthew Deininger, Sam DeLuca, Michael DePalma, J. Wade Dickerson, Elizabeth Eckstein, Neil Finlayson, Jacklynne French, Zachary Grant, Weijie Gu, Shane Hasty, Junqiang He, Austin Heminger, John Hemm, Jada Henderson, Tyler Joern, Matthew Knutson, Michael Krawzak, David LaFranconi, Andrew Laprade, Austen Leach, Qite Li, Erica Long, Stephen Mackell, Michael Miller, Mark Mowcomber, Dylan Parfitt, Aaron Pugh, Ran Tai, Alisa Vidulich, Chen Wang, Yihong Wang, Joshua Weitz, Sadie Wonders, Chao Zhu


Organizers & Participants

Organized by Dr. Jack Bauer, the Rev. Raymond A. Roesch Chair in the Social Sciences and the Social Sciences Sub-Council of the Dean's College of Chairs and Program Directors Committee, with support from:

  • Department of Communication, Dr. Jonathan A. Hess
  • Criminal Justice Studies Program, Dr. Arthur J. Jipson
  • Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, Richard T. Ferguson
  • Human Rights Studies Program, Dr. Natalie Hudson
  • Department of Political Science, Dr. Jason Pierce
  • Department of Psychology, Dr. Carolyn Roecker Phelps
  • Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, Dr. Laura M. Leming, F.M.I.

With thanks to Bridget Lynch, Michelle Phares, and Lynda Moore.