Minor Requirements for College of Arts & Sciences BA majors

SEE 250, Introduction to Sustainability, Energy and the Environment (3 sem hrs)

Select two or three core courses from the following (6-9 sem hrs)

ASI 320, Cities and Energy

ASI 322, Cities and Suburbs
or ASI 323, Cities and Suburbs
or ASI 324, Cities and Suburbs

SEE 301, Global Change and Earth Systems (this course is required for students not majoring in natural science.)

SEE 303, Constructions of Place

Select one depth option from the following (6 sem hrs)

SEE 401, Sustainability Research I
and SEE 402, Sustainability Research II (SEE 477 and SEE 478, Honors Thesis, may substitute for SEE 401 and SEE 402.)
Two courses approved by SEE coordinator

Select one SEE depth course from above (0-3 sem hrs)

Total Hours Required: 18 sem hrs