Partnering with the local community.

Listed below are links to local sustainability, energy, and the environment community partners. Many of these partners have joined the SEE Initiative for events and activities, both on campus and in the Dayton community. Please take a moment to review the list below and learn more about how you can get involved with organizations off-campus.

Energy Visitor Center

Located at the Dull Farm, the Energy Visitor Center provides information on conserving energy and demonstrates many working alternative renewable energies.

Visit the Energy Visitor Center (www) >>

Email Dull Farm >>

Five Rivers Metro Parks

This area park system is dedicated to protecting Greater Dayton’s natural heritage and to providing outdoor recreation and education experiences that inspire a lasting personal connection with nature.

Visit Five Rivers Metro Parks (www) >>

Grow with Your Neighbor

This Five Rivers Metro Park program helps Montgomery County urban residents develop and maintain community gardens and green projects, transforming vacant lots into productive open spaces.

Visit the Grow with Your Neighbor program (www) >>

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Call Luci Beachdell at (937) 276-7053

PNC Second Street Market

This marketplace strives to promote sustainable, local food systems in order to shrink the ecological footprint of Montgomery County. Over 40 vendors: local growers, bakers, culinary specialists, and artisans fill the charming historic freight house.

Visit the PNC Second Street Market (www) >>

Precious Plant Ministry

Called by our Catholic faith, Precious Planet Ministry seeks to engage the members of St. Francis of Assisi in a dialogue about environmental issues and to encourage parishioners to be thoughtful steward’s of God’s creation. St. Francis of Assisi Church, Centerville.

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Smaller Footprint Farm

This farm grows produce, flowers, herbs and chickens for a 45 member CSA and local farmers’ market using natural and sustainable methods. Now accepting applications for summer apprentices.

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Call Doug & Kat Christen at (937) 767-9920

Stone's Throw Market

Located in Miami County, Stone's Throw Market is a food cooperative. Become a member-owner and shop their online grocery.

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Call Laura Hanson at (937) 838-4558