Minor Requirements for School of Education and Health Sciences Majors

SEE 250, Introduction to Sustainability, Energy and the Environment (3 sem hrs)

CORE COURSES: 2 courses required (6 sem hrs)

SEE 301, Global Change and Earth Systems *

SEE 303, Constructions of Place

ASI 320, Cities and Energy

ASI 322/323/324, Cities and Suburbs

DEPTH COURSES (6 sem hrs)**

Select one depth option from the following (6 sem hrs)

SEE 401/402, Sustainability Research I and II

SEE 477 and SEE 478, Honors Thesis (SEE Related)

ASI 345 I and II, River Leadership Curriculum

Additional depth courses. Various academic departments.

Electives: 1 course required.

Students can choose any additional core or depth course.

Total Hours Required: 18 sem hrs

* Students in the School of Education and Health Sciences must complete SEE 301 as part of the 2 core course requirement for the SEE Minor. SEE 301 has a co-requisite of BIO 101, BIO 151, or SCI 230. Students should contact the SEE Initiative Coordinator if they have questions about this requirement.

** Students must complete 2 depth courses that are related in theme. One of these two courses must have a project or community engagement component. For questions about courses that count towards the depth requirement, please contact the SEE Initiative Coordinator.