Reflections on Paper

Creative Curriculum Initiatives

From collaborations on special-topics course development with faculty, to mini-courses, workshop series, and lecture-style presentations, ArtStreet offers, coordinates, facilitates and delivers a variety of curricular learning opportunities, often of a cross-disciplinary nature and serving students of any major.

Faculty Initiative Support

ArtStreet works with faculty across disciplines to fund, collaborate with, and/or facilitate course experiences, special projects, events, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Examples include creating site-specific sculptures, sponsoring the Beehive Collective artists visit and hosting the International Horror Film Festival.

Teaching Artist in Residence Program

ArtStreet facilitates and co-sponsors with the College of Arts and Sciences the appointment of regional professional artists to develop and conduct unique, cross-disciplinary special topics courses open to students of all majors. Examples include "Archaeology of a Neighborhood" with photographer Dennie Eagleson, and "Transformational Experience" with sculptor and musician Michael Bashaw.

Past Courses

Special-topics courses offered at ArtStreet have included:

UDI 371 ArtStreet Experience (ongoing)
All ArtStreet residents are required to enroll in the ArtStreet Experience each semester. This 1-credit pass/fail course exposes residents to a variety of arts-related projects, field trips, workshops and performances. The nature and particulars of the course are subject to change each semester.

ASI 341 Transformational Experience (Spring 2010, 3 credit hours)
Internationally known sculptor/musician  and UD Teaching Artist in Residence Michael Bashaw took this class on a journey of individual and group creativity through cultural experiences, art installation, and performance. Using the entire UD campus and the Dayton region as a workshop, the class explored the limitless possibilities inherent in art and culture. The course culminated in a site-specific installation at ArtStreet, Reflections on Paper. Using metal, plexiglass, lenses, paper, light and sound, this collective work of art was created to transform dreams, visions and memories into a complex and unified form. Viewers were encouraged to add their own observations, dreams and thoughts to this collaborative effort.

ASI 341 The Archeology of a Neighborhood: A Journey through Time, Memory, and Place (Fall 2009, 3 credit hours)
Instructors: Dennie Eagleson, UD Teaching Artist in Residence, fine art and documentary photographer; and Robert Brecha, Ph.D., Department of Physics; Sustainability, Energy and Environment initiative; Bro. Leonard Mann Chair in the Natural Sciences

This course offered an interdisciplinary approach to uncovering the history of the Student Neighborhood. The methods used included visual mapping, environmental sustainability studies, oral history, and multimedia production. The course examined the neighborhood as it transitioned from being a farm in the early 1900's to its current use as student housing, looking for response to change by different inhabitants over time. Students learned skills in interview, documentary photography, and the production of short multi-media stories for web publication and radio broadcast. The students also developed visual responses in the form of mapping using various experimental and traditional tools. The course culminated with a multimedia exhibit/installation in ArtStreet Studio D Gallery.

UDI 200 Art + Science, (Fall 2007, 1 credit hour)
Instructors: Susan Byrnes (ArtStreet), Carl Friese (Biology), Scott Streiker (NEST Lab), Joel Whitaker, Erin Holscher, and David Chesar (Visual Arts)

This hands-on mini-course used scientific imagery as a basis for artmaking, and combined workshops in a biology lab, nano-imaging lab, ceramic studio, photography lab, and printmaking studio. An exhibit of work created in the class was held at ArtStreet during spring of 2008.