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Information for Prospective Residents

Creative Types Wanted!

ArtStreet is one of UD's most exciting communities, located in a complex that is designed to spark radical creativity. Programs, curriculum and events at ArtStreet promote the creative thinking through artistic and designed means as a way to connect all student and faculty to enliven, educate, and transform their community. Programs at ArtStreet are open to all students, faculty, and staff; however, residence here is reserved for juniors and seniors. ArtStreet is an engaging community for all students from all majors: artists, engineers, educators, business students, actors, musicians, scientists, and more. Each resident member, and what each brings to the table, are truly integral parts of creating what ArtStreet becomes each term, each year.

There are 5 4-person lofts, 5 6-person townhouses and 1 8-person townhouse at ArtStreet. The townhouses include a common area, three bedrooms for 6 people, front and back porches, washer, dryer, dishwasher, and air conditioning. The lofts include a common area, two bedrooms for 4 people, a front porch on Kiefaber St, washer, dryer, dishwasher, and air conditioning.

UDI 371 ArtStreet Experience:
All ArtStreet residents are required to enroll in UDI 371 each semester. This 1-credit P/F course will include all or several of the following: field trips, performances (music, dance, and theater), workshops, meals, discussions, etc. The nature and particulars of the course may change each semester.

Residents are selected by a committee through an application process; applications are generally due at the beginning of the spring semester for the following year.

ArtStreet Housing Amenities >>

Housing Application Timeline for 2014-15:

PLEASE NOTE: The 8-person townhouse is not available for the 2014-15 academic year, and only a limited number of 4 and 6-person townhouses/apartments are available. Applications will only be accepted from 4 and 6-person groups. 

Information Sessions: Tuesday Dec. 3 at 4 p.m, ArtStreet Studio E and Wednesday Dec. 4 at 4 p.m., ArtStreet Studio B

Application Process Opens on Special Interest Housing Website: Jan. 15, 2014

Workshop to Assist Group Leaders with Applications: Wednesday Jan. 22 and Thursday Jan. 23, 3-4 p.m., ArtStreet Studio E

Application Deadline: January 31, 2014 

Notification of Application Status: No later than March 1, 2014

Application Process:

  1. House group leader must go to to create organizational roommate group. Group name should be ArtStreet followed by group leader name. For example, ArtStreet - Jane Doe
  2. Email all group members the name of the roommate group and the password so they can add their name to the group that the group leader created. 
  3. ALL roommate group members must visit to complete the individual housing contract and join the roommate group.
  4. IMPORTANT: ArtStreet applicants do not need to complete questions 10-13 on (adviser information). This is for neighborhood houses only (ArtStreet is considered a living learning community, not a neighborhood house). 
  5. Complete the ArtStreet Group Application questions and submit Word document via email to

Visit the UD Housing website to learn more >>

Questions? Contact Nicole Rottmueller-Jones, Assistant Director of ArtStreet, at or 937-229-5101.

Application Questions

The following questions must be answered as a group. For application document and submission instructions, visit the Housing and Residence Life website >>


1. How will your group contribute to the vision and values of ArtStreet? 

2. How can creative thought and artistic design help to propel a 21st Century college experience?


3.  THE SPARK PROJECT: Each ArtStreet house is required to produce a Spark Project project during the Fall Semester of the 2014-2015 school year designed to put ArtStreet's evolving new vision and mission into action. Please explain your Spark Project idea, and articulate how each of your members will incorporate your major/skills/passions into this project. This description should be no more than 250 words and should get to the ‘heartbeat’ of the project’s spirit. The Fall 2014 Spark Projects should focus on radically creative ideas that use dynamic new artistic lenses in support of diversity development and multicultural relationships among ArtStreet, UD and the Wesley Community Center on the city's west side.

4. SMART GOALS: Please list 3 SMART goals that will help you implement and accomplish your Spark project. Please make sure that one of your goals also addresses how your group will improve/contribute to the neighborhood community as described in the University’s Commitment to Community document.

5. LOCATION: Please indicate your first, second, and third choices for housing location if you are selected to reside at ArtStreet.

6. CO-OP or STUDY ABROAD: If your group has members who will be on co-op or study abroad during the year, please explain here and include which semester(s).