The 80's were brought back

My Life: Joey


"It was one of the more busier Saturdays I had had. We all woke up some what early so we could get all that we needed to get done. I went to eat break... More

Three day weekend is almost here....

My Life: Joey


All throughout the week there has been much anticipation about the three day weekend we have here at the University of Dayton due to the lovely holida... More

Quesadilla Quest


... More

Behind the Scenes


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A Good But Busy Tuesday

My Life: Joey


It was an early start for me today, as I woke up around 8:15 am to head over to the library so I could print off a few things like powerpoint presenta... More

Everything Just Feels So Right

My Life: Joey


"Since being back at the great U of D, things have seemed amazing. I'm getting to hang out with great friends, meeting new friends, working out, enjoy... More

One week done already...

My Life: Mike


"Classes started off this semester in full force. Every class I went to last Wednesday assigned some type of homework and lectured the first day. I wo... More

First Day of Class

My Life: Joey


So, I can't deny that I was excited for the first day of class. It is always cool to meet the new professors, meet new friends, and to judge what you ... More

One of many reasons to go to UD!

My Life: Jeremy


"""To please my family"" is what I said to my history professor, when he asked my classmates what is the reasons that we all are in history 103. I ha... More

The word 'community': Overused? Okay. Appropriate? Absolutely.

My Life: Kiersten


"So, I'm sitting in my bedroom in my freshly arranged apartment on Stewart St. (Garden Apartments, on campus by the library) listening to the sweet me... More

Good Morning UD!

My Life: Jeremy


Today is the first day of classes. I woke up around 7 in the morning. I got dressed and went to the front desk to see if I have any message or if ther... More

Home At Last: The Move In

My Life: Joey


On Sunday morning I said bye to my family, packed into my friends car, and started the 8 hour journey back to what feels like my second home. Arriving... More

Emails Already?

My Life: Jeremy


Last night, I got many emails from my professors and lab instructors. I was thinking what in the world is going on! Turned out that I have assignments... More

Classes are around the corner!

My Life: Jeremy


Yesterday, I got an email from my history 103 professor. He informed many students to check out his teaching website and to read the syllabus. I real... More