Cant Get Enough of New York

My Life: Joey


Well, needless to say, I am back in New York. Only this time Im with my dad, brother, and my sister and we are staying in the city. The main reason fo... More

Less than a week! Yikes!

My Life: Jeremy


This incoming Saturday, I am going to fly back to Dayton to start living on campus. Many days ago, I left University of Dayton then fled home. I misse... More

The Rest of the New York Trip

My Life: Joey


I apologize for not being able to keep up with the remainder of my road trip day to day. Unfortunately I didnt have any internet service, but I will l... More

Goodbye Facebook!

My Life: Jeremy


Yesterday, I decided to do the right thing. I decided to stop using Facebook, an online social network. I looked over the pros. I looked over the con... More

YES! ! ! Go Betas!

My Life: Jeremy


"Today is another happiest day in my fraternity chapter. Less than an hour ago, my fraternity colony, the Dayton Colony of Beta Theta Pi, got our char... More

Christmas & Chemistry II In July

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I'm celebrating Christmas in July with my families from Australia, Canada, and across USA. Today is not just good day for celebrating Christma... More

I think I wanna move to Saratoga, NY

My Life: Joey


Today, I barely had time to breath as we were on the go for majority of the day. I woke up around 8 am so we could go get in 9 holes of golf with Popp... More

Nothing like ending a day trip to Vermont with going to the Nickelback Concert!

My Life: Joey


Yesterday, Poppy and I met a couple of his old friends in Vermont for breakfast. We ate at this little diner, and the food was amazing. Afterwards, we... More

Nothing Like Being Italian

My Life: Joey


For all of those people who are Italian or have Italian family, one thing everybody can agree with is that Italians know how to cook. Its simple as th... More

A New Take on Life

My Life: Joey


Yesterday, the second day of my roadtrip ended as we arrived at Poppys cousin Petes house. Before we made it over, however, we visited Poppys brother ... More

One small step for a man, one large Step for a college student

My Life: Jeremy


"On July 20, 1969, the world watched the very first delayed video transmissions from the Moon. Of course, my mother saw them along with her parents, m... More

Day 1 of the roadtrip comes to an end!

My Life: Joey


"Around six thirty in the morning, me and my grandfather Poppy rolled out of my driveway in his corvette. It was an early start, but I did happen to m... More

The New York Road Trip Starts Tomorrow!

My Life: Joey


"So tomorrow I am leaving with my grandfather, aka ""Poppy"", to go on a roadtrip up to New York. We will be cruising in his new 2009 Zo6 Corvette. I ... More

The Training Continues....

My Life: Joey


"Yesterday, I decided I would go out and ride my bike to get some miles in which would help train for the two triathlons I am doing in August. I didnt... More

Nice Weekend in Florida

My Life: Joey


On Saturday morning I piled into the car with my brother, sister, and dad and drove down to Lakeland, Florida to spend the weekend with my grandparent... More

Not another crazy email again

My Life: Jeremy


"Yesterday, one of my friends sent me an email full of pictures that claims to make you to say ""aw crap."" In the email, he told me to wait to the ve... More

loud music!

My Life: Jeremy


As some people know, I don't sleep with my sound processors during the night. My sound processors are what people would call the external parts of the... More

Travel Lightly

My Life: Jeremy


"I went to mass today with my mother. Today's readings were interesting. My priest relates the today's readings to today's real event: travel lightly!... More

Say What?

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I was chatting online with my UD friend and coworker, Mackenzie. She will also be another resident assistant from Marycrest, the same dorm buil... More

Comparing universities and home

My Life: Jeremy


"Today, my mother took me out to nearby all you can eat buffet. We were looking for Captain D but we could not find the place. My mom told me if I wou... More