An end to Sophomore Year

My Life: Joey


" Sorry for the delay in blogs. The past few weeks have been crazy with final exams, papers, and projects. I just wanted to fill you guys in on the l... More


My Life: Jeremy


"Tonight, I watched the movie, ""The Rocker,"" with my brothers! It was so funny! We couldn't stop laughing. This movie is really something because it... More

Star Trek!

My Life: Jeremy


No, I am not a Trekkie. Okay, maybe a little bit. But I am not that die hardcore fan of Star Trek. Tonight, I will get to watch the very first showin... More

Home Is Where My Heart Is

My Life: Jeremy


Last Friday, I flew home. It is good to be home after four long months. It is my second time being home as a college student. My first time being home... More

Exams are over!...

My Life: Mike


I got done with exams today! It was a long couple of days studying. There were multiple parties this weekend I couldn't attend because I was studying ... More

What am I going to do today?

My Life: Jeremy


What should I do today? Yes, I know that it is 3 in the morning! I have no exams today. My next exam will not happen until Wednesday! Of course, I kn... More

It is time to study for finals!

My Life: Jeremy


"Yesterday, I went to the Serenity Pines, a small quiet place by the Marycrest building. I studied there. At one point, I wondered about my grades, wh... More

Rock! Paper! Scissors!

My Life: Jeremy


I am working on my final English paper! So far, the draft is seven pages long with Time New Romans and double spaced! My limit is to get somewhere bet... More

Oh NO!

My Life: Jeremy


Ahhh! I cannot believe it! I missed my first class by accident! I woke up with a big headache, thinking that it is not even 8:00 PM. I went to bed lat... More

Final Week of School before Week of Exams!

My Life: Jeremy


This is it. For the next five days, things will be crazy for me because I will study for my exams. This week will be the last school week of the year,... More

Not a Dayton Flyer, but a Hokie

My Life: Jeremy


"This early morning, I was in my friends' room. I was hearing their conversation. But I cannot really focus because I found out that today is April 16... More

Its Hard Coming Back

My Life: Joey


After an awesome spring break, its tough to come back to school and focus on the last and probably most important weeks in the semester. With professo... More

Happy Easter!

My Life: Jeremy


I cannot believe that I am working on my assignments! Anyways, I would like to share with what I did in my last days of spring break. On Good Friday, ... More

Spring Break!

My Life: Jeremy


It is very awkward for me to blog during my spring break! I am at my friend & Beta brother Kevin's house. For those of you who do not know what Be... More

Spring Break has finally come!!!

My Life: Joey


Well, if the title did not inform you, then I will say it again: Spring Break is here! I have to say it seemed like it would never get here. Compared ... More

Canada Here I Come...

My Life: Mike


"Work in the Motoman lab, and school have been going well, but a break is always appreciated. Even on break there's always something that could be fin... More

Near the End of My First Year!

My Life: Jeremy


Only less than a month away from May 1, the last day of my first year of college! Time really flies by quickly. I could not believe it! I did not rea... More

St. Patricks Day

My Life: Joey


Typically, once every four years, students are on campus during St. Patricks Day. This is due to the parties that have gone on in past years, and the ... More

No More Battlestar Galactica!

My Life: Jeremy


Since Battlestar Galactica series is done, what am I going to do tonight? For those of you who do not know what Battlestar Galactica is, Battlestar G... More

Writing a Research Proposal

My Life: Jeremy


"Right now, I am working on my first draft of my research proposal. It is very interesting and I really enjoy writing an English assignment. My resea... More