Finals Week


Hello, there! This past week was my last real finals week ever as an undergraduate, and it was the easiest finals week that I have ever had! I had only three finals and only two of those finals were tests. Monday I had my genetics of human diseases final, which was not bad. I am sad to see that class end because I absolutely loved it! I feel like I learned so much, and I have a much deeper understanding of genetics now. Tuesday I had my critical reading and writing final, which was actually fun! We all had to prepare a lesson plan or develop strategies that would assist an English Language Learner in our classroom. The whole assignment was based on Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate, which is a book about a refugee from the Sudan moving to the U.S. Anyways, the assignment was very practical and gave me a new perspective on ELL students. So for our actual final time slot on Tuesday, we all shared our strategies and lessons in various groups. It was really cool because we all left the final with a lot of new ideas and strategies. It was also a nice way to end one of my favorite classes. After my Tuesday final, I was pretty much free as a bird until my anatomy final on Thursday.

I have to admit, anatomy is not my favorite. Dr. Shirley Wright is the anatomy professor here, and she is a wonderful woman; she is very thoughtful and does her best to make anatomy interesting, but it is just not my thing. Anatomy is just a huge memorization game, which is my least favorite game to play....Anyways, I have worked really hard all semester, but I have not been able to get above a B on any of the tests. Unfortunately, solid Bs are very challenging to move with just one test score, which makes studying for the final even more challenging. To combat my lack of interest in the course and motivation, I decided to use my anatomy coloring book as my primary study tool, so I spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday sitting on the couch coloring pictures of muscles, bones, organs, and glands. Let me tell you, after studying everything below the diaphragm for days on end, you start to go a little bit crazy. My roommate was also studying anatomy, so the anatomy jokes were running rampant in our house. Our other two roommates are engineers, so they were a bit appalled at our jokes and coloring books. Anyways, my roommate and I made the last trek to the Science Center together to take our anatomy final, which was a bit more challenging than I expected. After the exam, I walked unhappily home, crawled into bed, and watched TLC for the rest of the afternoon.

To be continued in my next blog, "The Last Week with My Roommate."


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