Graduation Part IV Baccalaureate Mass


So the Saturday before graduation we had a Baccalaureate Mass at the UD arena. The Mass was absolutely beautiful. When you start at UD they have an opening Mass in the arena and before you know it, you are sitting at the closing Mass! So four years ago we had a big, fancy service in the arena where I looked around and knew nobody, and now I looked around and saw so many friends, neighbors, classmates, etc; It was almost a surreal experience. Going to the Mass, my goal was to not cry because already that day I had cried off and on all morning. I managed to keep myself focused on the service without crying until the very end. At the end of the service, they played this beautiful song that put us all in tears.

After Mass, we all went home to celebrate our last night on campus. A lot of people had graduation parties at their UD house, which was neat. I think it is interesting how UD students are so welcoming to others. Walking through campus Saturday evening, I saw so many people hosting families and friends from all over and welcoming them in sharing their last evening at UD. Since there were only three of us in our house, we did not host a graduation party, but we did have a little shindig. Madalyn, my roommate, went to the Pine Club with her parents (crossing it off her bucket list), and Becky and I had pizza with our families at our house. After we ate, we went around campus and took pictures as a "family" in our graduation garb. We had to do the classic picture by the UD sign, in front of the chapel, and in front of the new fountain on KU plaza.

Earlier in the week when I had submitted my very last assignment, I felt compelled to run through the fountain in celebration of finishing...Becky was down for it, but Madalyn still had one final left that afternoon. We decided to postpone our fountain celebration for that evening. Unfortunately, we had forgotten about it and the spontaneity was gone. Well, we were standing in front of the fountain in our graduation garb on our last night on campus, so of course we ran through the fountains. As soon as I said, "Hey, let's run through the fountain!" My roommates were already throwing of their caps and gowns to cross off another bucket list item. We ran through the fountains, screaming like a bunch of little girls and laughing our heads off. The water was way colder than we ever expected, but I think it was the most fun that I had had in a long time. Yes, college has been fun, but the fun is always quickly followed by papers and projects. To run through the fountain with the girls that I have lived with all the way through college and be totally care-free was the most invigorating feeling. All in all, Saturday was an awesome day.


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