Good afternoon, all! I hope everybody is having an enjoyable start to November! I swear this semester has been the fastest yet. Tomorrow is my third anatomy exam of the semester, which means that finals are just around the corner!

Yesterday I took my Principles of Learning and Teaching exam (PLT), which is the general teaching license test that all teachers take. It was very strange to take a standardized exam after not having to take one since high school. I must say, I do not miss them. This test is not very hard, and pretty much everybody passes it on their first try, but it still makes me a bit nervous. I did not study a whole lot because the education classes I have taken here really prepared me well, so we shall see if that played out in my scores. The test was actually offered here on campus, which was nice because I was comfortable and knew most of the people in the room with me. In high school I always hated having to go to a strange place to take a test. Now I have to take a test for my biology license and a general science test for my physics, chemistry, and geology license.

After my test yesterday, I decided I deserved to order myself some Chinese food, so I tried out this place called CJ Chan just up the street from my house, and it was super good! CJ Chan serves Japanese and Chinese food, and it is just seconds away from my house, so I believe I have a new favorite place to eat.

As for today, I studied anatomy before noon mass, went to church, watched a bit of the soccer game, and now back to studying. Have a great Sunday!