I love my jobs!


Hi, there! I just wanted to give a quick update on some of what I am doing this summer. I am primarily working for the Rivers Institute as an intern, but I am also working in Dr. McEwan's ecology lab, too.

As a Rivers Institute intern, I am going to be planning a lot of our summer programs for various groups on and off campus. The Rivers Institute's goal is to reunite Dayton and its rivers, so a lot of what we do is get people out on the water to experience our rivers. In the summers we take people out on paddles on the rivers, lakes, and lagoons in an effort to help them realize what an asset our local water is. We do a lot of educational outreach and group development in our programs, as well. As you probably already know, I am a river steward, so this summer is basically an extension of what we do during the school year just more of it. I am absolutely loving this job! I get to be creative and no day is the same!

I am also working in the lab whenever I get the chance. This week in the lab I have been working to identify sedges. I have mentioned that I am doing research at Drew Woods in Darke county, so we collect various plants for me to practice keying out.

I love both of my jobs for the summer, and I love coming back to my room and hanging out with a couple of my friends still on campus. Have a great night!