Offered A Job

06.05.2012I am back in my home country, Kosova, for the summer before I return to UD in the fall for one more semester. In the meantime, I am looking into publishing my independent research study, which I have done on improving the reality of Kosova, rather than it's image. This was a fifteen-month-long research project that I did as part of the honors program at UD. I have met with a couple of research institutions and organizations in Prishtina, with whom I have discussed the possibility of publishing the study. Thus far, two of them were unable to publish my thesis, although they praised it and valued it as definitely publishable, due to financial reasons. However, both of these companies have offered me jobs. One of them, I have already started working for - although I did not plan to work this summer. They wanted me to start working for them this summer, see how I perform, and eventually employ me after graduation. The leaders of the other company suggested that I contact them upon graduating because they want to strengthen their team in the organization. Both companies referred me to other research organizations, which they contacted to see if they can publish my thesis. Keeping my fingers crossed for this. Hopefully it will work out! My work has already been rewarded, just by the thought that because I was required to do a thesis, as part of the Berry Scholars' Honors program at the university, I am being offered jobs already.