Say goodbye to 20/20

05.17.2012Today I went to pick up my new eye glasses. My dioptre has changed, as expected, it has become larger. Even though I have kept my eye glasses on non-stop. Anyhow, I have these new frames that I am so excited for. And got them today. The academics at UD have required lots of studying and late night reading. Especially the two first years, when you have to take the general requirements. Also, it depends on what major you choose, some have more reading, while others less. In the business school, you are required to do a lot of reading. In addition to your business classes, you will have the liberal arts classes, the social science ones, that will all require a lot of reading. But, they are very informative and you will learn a lot. Don't worry though, it's not all reading and studying at UD. Our motto is work hard, play hard. So, you will enjoy the time with friends here a lot, as well.