The 23rd dedicated to the Family

05.13.2012Different from all other years, this year I will not be throwing a party with my friends. This year I am dedicating my whole birthday to my close family. During the week, I am planning on going out with friends, as usual. But, tomorrow I will just spend with my family. We are going to go out for drinks with my close family, my uncles' from my dad's side and my uncle's family from my mom's side of the family. We have chosen one of the local cafes in the heart of Prishtina for the event. My mom ordered a cake, with 23 candles! Yes, when I came to UD I was 19!!!! Yikes! Time is your greatest enemy when you are at UD - because you never want to leave your awesome time at this excellent university. We have reserved the restaurant for 8 p.m. tomorrow.So, I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday with a small crowd tomorrow.