Breaking Bread

06.21.2012 | Students, Campus and Community, International, Culture and Society, Education, Current Events

So the past two weeks I've been participating in Breaking Bread, an event initiated by the Center for International Programs to bring American and international students together over food. It's been really fun and I'm totally looking forward to tonight's dinner (yay free food)!

If you don't know what Breaking Bread is, it's basically a series of dinners over 3 consecutive weeks - this round of Breaking Bread is held on Thursday from 6:45pm to around 8pm. Basically what happens is that students take turns cooking and sharing what they cook with other students, in turn taking part in conversation over food and learning about each other. The first Thursday was the first round of Breaking Bread - we had pasta with a vegetarian tomato-based sauce. The second Thursday (which is always my favorite) was when the international students would cook. I made mango pudding, one of the desserts I crave when I'm far from Singapore. So many other dishes were included, like chicken tikka masala, gulab jamun (an Indian dessert - deep-fried balls of goodness in sugar syrup), fried rice and chicken karaage (Japanese fried chicken). 

And tonight, the last Thursday, is when the international students are split into groups and enter the homes of American students for a home-cooked meal. This is probably the third time I've been in Breaking Bread since I got back to Dayton last semester, and I love it every time. I've made so many friends through this event, and it's always a great way to spend a couple hours in the evening meeting new people and eating. I won't lie, I love food and especially food from everywhere - so much of what I've eaten in the places I've traveled to has become comfort food for me, and I get to encounter some of it in this event because of the diverse range of cultures UD has. Best way to close the week! 


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