Friends of the Middle East Reception

11.19.2013 | Education, Students, Campus and Community, International, Current Events, Culture and Society

So one of the perks I really love about working as an Education Abroad World Associate in the Center for International Programs is working information tables at our regular Friends of receptions. I've been to every single Friends of reception I can remember since freshman year and they've all been great fun. Free food, music and the chance to mingle with students and faculty interested in the region!

Every couple of months the Friends of series features a culture-based reception dedicated to promoting the culture and food of the region (e.g Friends of Asia, Friends of Africa.. you get the general idea). The goal is to engage both American and international students in informal intercultural dialogue and learning, and I have to say I've made countless good friends from these receptions (of course, the free food is also a huge plus). 

This one was the Friends of the Middle East Reception. A ton of people showed up and we had booths ranging from Saudi Arabia to Jordan - one of our Saudi Arabian students even made their own coffee and gave out free samples to people! The food was delightful - kabsa, lamb sharwarma and falafel, among others. My favorite was the sticky, flaky baklava, a rich pastry filled with nuts and sweetened with honey. I couldn't stop going back for seconds!

Just to tempt you into going for the next Friends of reception:

Friends of Middle East


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