Home At Last: The Move In

My Life: Joey


On Sunday morning I said bye to my family, packed into my friends car, and started the 8 hour journey back to what feels like my second home. Arriving... More

Emails Already?

My Life: Jeremy


Last night, I got many emails from my professors and lab instructors. I was thinking what in the world is going on! Turned out that I have assignments... More

Classes are around the corner!

My Life: Jeremy


Yesterday, I got an email from my history 103 professor. He informed many students to check out his teaching website and to read the syllabus. I real... More

A Familiar Community

My Life: Jeremy


There are no one else in the world that I am grateful for other than my own family members. Like many UD students, we are very fortunate to have our ... More

A Day in the Life of a Triathlete: The Event

My Life: Joey


"The alarm goes off. I look over and it blinks 4:30. I think to myself, no, just a little longer. Snoozing every five minutes, I get up at around 5 am... More

School's almost here...

My Life: Mike


For the past month I've been getting ready for school to begin. Getting my financial aid squared away, finding a place to stay at, and getting my car ... More

Day Before the last Triathlon of Summer

My Life: Joey


Well it has come time for the last triathlon for me before heading back up to Dayton. Today we drove down to Cordele, Ga, which is about two hours sou... More

Second Time Around

My Life: Jeremy


Last Saturday, I arrived at Founders, one of the residence halls of UD! This time, not as a first year student, but a college sophomore! Founders is a... More

The Redsox vs. The Yankees

My Life: Joey


Its hard, well pretty much impossible, to pick a team that has been more dominant in sports than the New York Yankees. No other team can compare to th... More

Cant Get Enough of New York

My Life: Joey


Well, needless to say, I am back in New York. Only this time Im with my dad, brother, and my sister and we are staying in the city. The main reason fo... More

Less than a week! Yikes!

My Life: Jeremy


This incoming Saturday, I am going to fly back to Dayton to start living on campus. Many days ago, I left University of Dayton then fled home. I misse... More

The Rest of the New York Trip

My Life: Joey


I apologize for not being able to keep up with the remainder of my road trip day to day. Unfortunately I didnt have any internet service, but I will l... More