This can't be happening!

My Life: Jeremy


"I cannot believe that Michael Jackson died yesterday. Unbelievable! I am a fan of one of the music videos with Michael Jackson. Of course, its ""Thr... More

ehhh what of Transformers 2?

My Life: Jeremy


It is a great movie for any Transformers fans. But it is not a great movie for me. I had hard time following up what was going on in the film. I even... More

Transformers 2

My Life: Jeremy


I cannot believe it. I don't even want to see the movie since too much television and Internet commericals showing off pieces and bits from the Transf... More

Working the late shift

My Life: Joey


Last week I started back working at Golds Gym. I have been working at the gym since I was sixteen. Its crazy to think that I am going on four years of... More

Its not Atlanta it is HOTLANTA

My Life: Joey


Lets just say it was a little warm over the weekend. We are not talking high eighties, more like high nineties with near record breakiing temperatures... More


My Life: Jeremy


Today is my last day of being a teenager. In few hours until midnight, I will be 20 years old! Few minutes ago, I helped out my mother putting the ic... More

Oh Uh, I'm turning 20 soon!

My Life: Jeremy


I cannot believe that I am turning 20 on Sunday! It is so awkward. Especially that I am one of the many UD students who will not celebrate birthdays ... More

Taking Summer Classes

My Life: Jeremy


Taking chemistry lab and lecture certainly keeps me busy this summer. My friends were surprised to find me that I dropped my chemistry lecture and la... More

Triatholon Training Begins

My Life: Joey


So last week I decided I was going to do a triatholon with my brother and my moms boyfriend. I have not done one in a few years and I thought, why not... More

Revised Financial Aid

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I checked my online version of my financial aid. It has been revised by the UD's Office of the Financial Aid. On my first financial aid for the... More

Is Losing A Friend One Of The Real Issues In The Real World?

My Life: Jeremy


"Yesterday, I had a conversation with my mother about my friend from the past. I used to be a best friend to my friend long time ago. Then I lost tou... More

Great Birthday Weekend

My Life: Joey


"This past weekend I got to enjoy turning 20. On Saturday, my friend Anthony flew in from Ohio to come see what Georgia has to offer. A few hours afte... More

Its no longer called Residence Education!

My Life: Jeremy


"Few days ago, I recieved an email from the director of Residence Life. I was surprised because I have never heard of Residence Life. Turned out that ... More

how hard is it to return an external hard drive!

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I was thinking about how to return my 500 GB external harddrive since the harddrive is still under warranty. Its a good thing that it is under ... More

some things never change

My Life: Jeremy


Tonight, I went to a 'silent dinner,' which is a term for getting together in the food court in a selected mall for the deaf community event. I had a ... More