The Recession knows no age...

My Life: Mike


Lately things have been looking bleak for the economy; it's bad and getting worse every day. College students are being affected in the worse way. Gra... More

Phone Call Home

My Life: Jeremy


"If I change my major, then this is over. I am coming home. But I am not planning to change since I am having a hard time in chemistry. It is a powerf... More

An Act of Kindness

My Life: Jeremy


"I'm starting to feel better from my sore throat today. I was supposed to go to my English class today, but I had to miss it. It is a good thing that ... More

Useful Tool

My Life: Jeremy


I just found out my floormates saw me sleeping on my bed with my door opened wide. Thanks to Jared, my roommate, who forgot to close the door! Some o... More

What a fantastic night!

My Life: Jeremy


Tonight was my first time serenading! Yes, I did serenade! Not by just myself, of course. But with some of my fraternity brothers and some of my pled... More

God Bless Those People

My Life: Jeremy


"I thought to myself, ""Do not grieve."" While I was doing well in academics this past week, University of Dayton is very small place compared to the... More

The 'Spot' on campus this week...The Commuter Lounge!

My Life: Mike


"This week's been packed full of activities for me. So basically it's been a normal week in engineering. But one experience stands out above the rest.... More

3 year losing streak coming to an end

My Life: Joey


It came on Wednesday night, Dayton Arena packed with over 13,000 fans. Heart beating fast, at any moment feeling like it could come out of my chest. A... More

Big Game Tomorrow Night

My Life: Joey


So, the most anticipated game for mens basketball here at UD is tomorrow, Wednesday, February 11, at 700 pm on ESPN2. We are playing Xavier, and after... More

What A Day!

My Life: Jeremy


"I have been busy this weekend! And yet, I still have a lot of work to do! Today, I went to the mass in the Alumni Hall Chapel. Then I came back to m... More

Where Is Mr. Clean When I Need Him?

My Life: Jeremy


Well, I do not really need Mr. Clean. So as my roommate Jared. Seriously, people need to clean their dorm rooms! You have no idea how many rooms I hav... More

Long Time No Post...

My Life: Mike


It's been a while since my last blog and a lot has happened recently. On the snow day I got 2 scholarship applications started and 1 is almost done ex... More

About my snowday

My Life: Joey


Though its a few days after, I would like to talk about the first snow day of the year. It honestly could not have happened at a better time. The day ... More

Never To Surrender!

My Life: Jeremy


"A random thought came to my mind today saying ""surrender premedicine and change major."" I thought to myself, ""NO! Not now! Not ever!"" I will not ... More

Wonderful Weather & Extraordinary Fraternity

My Life: Jeremy


I slept overnight for nothing but a snow day. I checked my email this morning and I found out that classes are cancelled. My first college snow day! I... More