Fourth of July equals Three Day Weekend

My Life: Joey


For many, the 4th of July fell on a great day called Friday. Not only do people get to celebrate our nations independence, but they get to enjoy a thr... More

The Sun and Surf

My Life: Joey


People do not just call summer vacation because they thought it would be a good name for a long break. Many people go on trips all over the states and... More

How many days until I am back?

My Life: Joey


I never thought I would honestly mean it, but I am ready for summer to end. Do not get me wrong, not having to worry about major projects or final exa... More

Summer, Summer, Summer

My Life: Joey


Its hard to believe that it has already been a month since leaving UD for summer vacation. Then again, it does not. No matter what, summer always pass... More

School is out for the Summer

My Life: Joey


Its been just over a week since I have been out for summer vacation. As most would say, I miss being at UD. Being home has been great, seeing family a... More

Stander Symposium

My Life: Joey


" Every year at UD, all students have the option to attend the Stander Symposium. A general idea is like a big science fair, only on a much larger sca... More

The End to Something New

My Life: Joey


Although there are three more seasons left at my career at Dayton, my first season as a cheerleader has come to an end. While it required much time,ef... More

A Great Weekend with a Busy Week Ahead

My Life: Joey


Weekends are always the two days of the week where I usually do not have to worry about attending class. Sure I may have some homework, but I can go p... More

Starting another week

My Life: Joey


It's crazy to think that we are over halfway through February. Time is flying by as the second semester of my Freshmen year is going by. Sometimes, I ... More

Already a Month into it

My Life: Joey


" Its hard to believe that we have been back to school for a month. It feels just like yesterday that I was enjoying some time with the family back ho... More

The New Year

My Life: Joey


The anticipation of the New Year has been engraved in my mind and now it is finally here. Although I did not have the oppurtunity to see the New Year ... More

Reflecting back on the first semester

My Life: Joey


The first semester of my freshmen year is officially over. I have mixed emotions about it coming to an end. On the positive note, my final exams are d... More

Probably the most stressful week of my life!

My Life: Joey


"The anticipation of going home for Christmas break is in the air, but not without the dredded thought of that one evil work, ""finals""! Everybody ha... More

Thanksgiving Break

My Life: Joey


The much needed Thanksgiving Break came and passed, but not without some relaxing time, great food, and time with family and friends. I flew home ear... More

Caught in the Act

My Life: Joey


Like Andrew, I too never had experience any problems with stealing of items belonging to me. But recently, my comfort level changed drastically. Comi... More