Rocky Horror Picture Show

My Life: Jessie


Last night was the first night of the Rocky Horror Picture Show that is a tradition at Tim’s.  It also happened to be the first time that I... More


My Life: Jessie

11.03.2013 | Campus and Community

I LOVE Halloween.  Most of my friends actually make fun of me for liking it so much.  I have my costumes picked out about a month ahead of t... More

Why I like Dayton

My Life: Kaitlin

10.25.2013 | Culture and Society

I've seemed to explore the city more this year than I have any other year of college..perhaps because it is my last one. More

My Life: Chinyi

My Life: Chinyi


Hi! This is my first post on the website.... More

Go With the Flow

My Life: Jessie


Earlier in the year the Rec Plex had guest yoga teachers come in and teach us their class, since they were UD alums.  They call their class ̶... More

"Next Year"

My Life: Jessie


I keep forgetting that this is my last year at UD and it is so sad every time I think about graduating.  So far, my famous phrase this year has b... More

Recent Adventures

My Life: Kaitlin

09.08.2013 | Fun Friday

This weekend has been relaxing, and I've done some things that I haven't done in a while. More

The significance of having a porch

My Life: Kaitlin

08.21.2013 | Campus and Community

This year is my senior year, and saying that scares and excites me equally as much. More

Our House in the Middle of the Street

My Life: Jessie

08.17.2013 | Campus and Community

I got to move in early because I have training for work that is mandatory.  But first, let me explain what happened with our housing.  My ro... More


My Life: Jessie


Today is my 21st birthday and I really cannot believe that I am this old already! It is so weird to think that I will soon be having so many more oppo... More

New York and the Airport Fiasco

My Life: Kaitlin

07.20.2013 | Current Events

Summer has been crazy (which is why I haven't gotten much of the chance to blog.) But I'm still alive, don't worry! More

The Long Haul

My Life: Jessie


I cannot believe that I am already back in the States—this past month has flown by so much that it doesn’t even feel like anything was rea... More


Amazing Experiences

My Life: Jessie

06.17.2013 | Culture and Society

Since we’re towards the end of our trip, we were given a three day weekend in order to do some exploring and traveling on our own. A small group... More


463 Steps Later...

My Life: Jessie

06.13.2013 | Culture and Society

Today a few friends and I got our workout by climbing to the top of the Duomo, which is 463 steps.  We really weren’t sure what to expect a... More

Shopping Day

My Life: Jessie

06.12.2013 | Culture and Society

Today was our shopping day! In Florence, they are known for their one market, Mercato Centrale, which basically translates to Central Market.  Th... More