Graduation Part IV Baccalaureate Mass

My Life: Amy


So the Saturday before graduation we had a Baccalaureate Mass at the UD arena. The Mass was absolutely beautiful. When you start at UD they have an op... More

Graduation Part III

My Life: Amy


I wanted to write a whole separate blog about the biology department dinner because it was sooooo extremely enjoyable. The other receptions Friday wer... More

Graduation Part II

My Life: Amy


So I am going to go backward to fill you in on the wonderful details of graduation weekend. I thought I would have more time than I have, so this is a... More

Graduation Part I

My Life: Amy


I have officially graduated from the University of Dayton! I cannot even begin to describe to you the surreal and almost eery feeling of graduation. I... More

It's the Little Things

My Life: Amy


Good morning! It is a beautiful Saturday to be here in Dayton! I woke up this morning (earlier than I would have liked) and went downstairs to get som... More

Fast Paced Week

My Life: Jessie


This week was absolute craziness! Here’s a basic sketch of what my life looks like at this moment: More

Never a Dull Moment

My Life: Amy


Good evening! I am proud of myself because this is my second blog this week! Can you tell my student teaching is winding down? Today we had parent tea... More

Major Milestones

My Life: Amy


I got a job! More

Follow Your Passion

My Life: Jessie


I just found out that I got the job as a personal trainer at the RecPlex! More

Stander Advertising!

My Life: Kaitlin

04.14.2013 | Education

My Graphic Design 1 class had the task of advertising for a Stander Symposium event. Stander Symposium is a day for alternative education. The school ... More

Welcome to the World

My Life: Jessie


Right now I really want to jump in my car and drive the three hours it takes to get me back home to Cleveland. More

Relay for Life

My Life: Jessie

04.12.2013 | Campus and Community

This was the first year that I was able to attend Relay and I was so excited! More

The Job Hunt

My Life: Amy


Hello! Let me tell you, this past semester has been the craziest few months of my life. It dawned on me last night that I am nearly one month away fro... More

Yellow Springs

My Life: Kaitlin

03.25.2013 | Fine Arts

On my Fridays off, I've been going down to Yellow Springs to operate a letterpress. That's right. A letterpress - the kind that they used back in the ... More

More than just a time change....

My Life: Amy


Good afternoon, all! In case you haven't noticed, it is March. March is the halfway point of spring semester, which means that I have less than two mo... More