My Life: Jessie

02.08.2013 | Education

Today I went to the SECO Conference that was being held in Dayton’s Convention Center with my cousin. More

In a Rush during Rush

My Life: Jessie

02.07.2013 | Campus and Community

The past week or so has been absolutely crazy because it’s been Rush week—and I’m in two professional fraternities! More

Major Conflictions

My Life: Jessie

01.23.2013 | Education

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve been feeling a little conflicted about my choice of major. More

A Day Off?

My Life: Jessie


Since its Martin Luther King Day, we didn’t have classes today; however it didn’t feel like much of a day off! More

And Now...We Wait

My Life: Jessie


Today I took my written and practical test for my personal trainer’s certification. More


My Life: Amy


Happy Sunday! Yesterday was the river stewards' first day for RiverMobile training! The RiverMobile is a mobile learning center that teaches people of... More

Study Break

My Life: Jessie


It’s the first Saturday night back on campus and I’m sitting in my apartment taking a study break. More

First Day of Student Teaching

My Life: Amy

01.14.2013 | Education

Today was my first day of student teaching, and I quite liked it! I am placed at Stebbins High school, which is part of Mad River Local School distric... More

Big Things This Semester

My Life: Jessie

01.14.2013 | Campus and Community

Last semester ended off with a bang, meaning that this semester is about to be crazy busy! More

Back to School

My Life: Amy


Today was my last day of Christmas break, which meant my last day to be just a college student with few responsibilities. Starting tomorrow I will hav... More

Christmas break adventures

MyLife: Kaitlin

01.04.2013 | Students

I don't know what it is about this Christmas break, but so far it has flown by.


New Traditions

My Life: Amy


Merry Christmas! It feels like Christmas just started, and it is already over! Since I have been in college, I never have time to think about Christma... More

Biology Praxis

My Life: Amy

12.18.2012 | Education

Today I took my second Praxis exam, and boy am I glad that is done! The Praxis is a series of exams that have to be taken in order to become a license... More

The Last Week with My Roommate

My Life: Amy


So as I said in my last blog, I was upset with the anatomy final, so I came home and grieved in my bed while watching TLC. After a few episodes of "Wh... More

Finals Week

My Life: Amy


Hello, there! This past week was my last real finals week ever as an undergraduate, and it was the easiest finals week that I have ever had! I had onl... More