My Life: Amy


Happy Sunday! Yesterday was the river stewards' first day for RiverMobile training! The RiverMobile is a mobile learning center that teaches people of... More

Study Break

My Life: Jessie


It’s the first Saturday night back on campus and I’m sitting in my apartment taking a study break. More

First Day of Student Teaching

My Life: Amy

01.14.2013 | Education

Today was my first day of student teaching, and I quite liked it! I am placed at Stebbins High school, which is part of Mad River Local School distric... More

Big Things This Semester

My Life: Jessie

01.14.2013 | Campus and Community

Last semester ended off with a bang, meaning that this semester is about to be crazy busy! More

Back to School

My Life: Amy


Today was my last day of Christmas break, which meant my last day to be just a college student with few responsibilities. Starting tomorrow I will hav... More

Christmas break adventures

MyLife: Kaitlin

01.04.2013 | Students

I don't know what it is about this Christmas break, but so far it has flown by.


New Traditions

My Life: Amy


Merry Christmas! It feels like Christmas just started, and it is already over! Since I have been in college, I never have time to think about Christma... More

Biology Praxis

My Life: Amy

12.18.2012 | Education

Today I took my second Praxis exam, and boy am I glad that is done! The Praxis is a series of exams that have to be taken in order to become a license... More

The Last Week with My Roommate

My Life: Amy


So as I said in my last blog, I was upset with the anatomy final, so I came home and grieved in my bed while watching TLC. After a few episodes of "Wh... More

Finals Week

My Life: Amy


Hello, there! This past week was my last real finals week ever as an undergraduate, and it was the easiest finals week that I have ever had! I had onl... More

Cake Boss and Catholics

My Life: Amy

12.08.2012 | Catholic

Hello, all! Today, as you may know, is a holy day honoring the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Since it is a holy day, my roommate... More

Feeling Loved

My Life: Amy


Good morning! You know how artists and writers become famous after they are dead? Well, I feel sort of like that now that my college career is nearing... More

Critical Reading and Writing Class

My Life: Amy

12.04.2012 | Education

Today is one of those days that I am just so grateful to be alive and healthy. I had my favorite education class this morning, which is critical readi... More

R.I.P. Mr. Fish

My Life: Amy


Today our family pet, Mr. Fish died. My immediate roommate got this beta fish two summers ago, and he became our family pet. Last year, another roomma... More

Normal Student Again

My Life: Amy

11.19.2012 | Students

Friday was my last day at Stebbins, so I am back to being a regular student again. I absolutely loved being at Stebbins, but it is very challenging ha... More