My day ended with a twist!

12.09.2008"Tonight, my floor from Meyer Hall (all guys hall in Stuart Complex) and one of the floors from Adele Hall (all girls hall in Stuart Complex) were having ""Twister Tuesday,"" which is get together between two floors. Some of us played the Twister game. Some of us just hung out. There were pizzas and soda drinks in our lobby in Stuart Complex. We were having fun.

For the past week, two floors were having penny war to see who raise the most pennies. Whichever floor wins, gets to choose which resident advisor's face to put a pie on. My floor won the penny war. We chose to pie our resident advisor, Geoff.

That's what I thought. I thought that the Twister Tuesday would end with putting a pie on Geoff's face. But my floor wanted to pie two more faces, which happen to be the faces of two community assistants on my floor. I was surprised to hear about that. I happen to be one of community assistants on my floor. My floormates ""pied"" Geoff, then my other community assistant Will, then it comes to me. I tried to talk my floormates out of getting pie on my face.

Apparently, they wanted to end the Twister Tuesday with slamming the pie on my face. I happened to be videotaping the pie actions. When it came to my turn, my floormates made me to abandon my cameraman role to Geoff and made me sit on the chair, where I get to be ""pied"" When it was my turn, I thought I would get slammed just on my face. Guess what? My floormate Stephen decided to add more fun by slamming my face with pie THEN rubbing my entire head with same pie! I was shocked. I wouldn't dare to taste the whipped cream on my face or rest of my head.

I had a good night. It was really good because I had a long day of studying and attending classes. Tomorrow is the last academic day of the fall semester. I'm looking forward to the finals this week and next week. Of course, I'm looking much forward to come home for the first time in over four months!