My First All Nighter

11.24.2008Last night, I decided to pull all nighter. Here I am, blogging about it at 3:50 in the morning. I'm just taking a break from my hectic assignments.

Today, I will have three classes packed from 8 AM to 11:45 AM. Hopefully, I will stay awake in classes. Only three more then, I'm off to sleep. Even the moment I get off my last class, it is offically Thanksgiving weekend for me.

Since my home is in Virginia Beach, Virginia, driving down may not be a good idea. It would take 10 hours. Plus, I don't have a car or a ride home. Lucky, I have family in Beavercreek, which is 20 minutes away from UD. I'm going to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my relatives there, plus my mother is coming up to Beavercreek from Virginia Beach.

It is going to be awkard. It will be my first time to see my mother in more than three long months. I will not get the chance to see my whole family until next month. I'm very close to my mother. I kept thinking on how to talk to my mother every now and then since I pulled all nighter. I got one more day to think about it.

I'm getting offcampus tomorrow afternoon. My relatives are picking me up. I know that i can go to Beavercreek today, but I will be extremely tired and too lazy to pack my stuff, While I'm on campus after my last class today, I'll go to sleep, do my laundry, get some food, hang out with friends who are on campus, then go to sleep again, then hang out again, then I'm off to Beavercreek.

I'm not the only one who pulled all nighter. My floormate/friend Sheehan is also up. We're working on our assignments in our floor's lounge.

Allnighter can be pain in the butt, but you gonna do what you gonna do.

All right, its 4:10 in the morning. I need to stop blogging and finish my assignments once for all!