A Day of Service

03.09.2013 | Service and Giving

I feel like everything for both of my fraternities always falls on the same exact day but somehow I make it work!  This morning I started off by going to Beavertown Elementary school to help out with their Carnival Day on behalf of EDU.  A big group of us went and we were each assigned a different activity to help with.  I was assigned the Cake Walk which was a piece of cake (pun intended).

Basically, I helped arrange various types of bakery onto designated tables, took tickets, and played then stopped music as children and their parents walked around a circle while standing on numbered dots.  Then, we would pick a number from our hat and announce the winner!  I was lucky to get assigned to such an easy area for two hours on a Saturday morning.

Then, after returning to campus, it was off to River Campus in order to help my AKPSi brothers at Consciousness Rising.  We were in charge of passing out hot chocolate at one of the booths that discussed fair trade products and their opposing companies.  A perk of passing out the hot chocolate was that we could go in shifts so that some of us could walk around and look at the other exhibits.

I didn’t really know what any of this was going to be about and I was shocked to hear some of the statistics.  I hate to say it, but I was definitely one of the people that had no idea that any of this was taking place and these exhibits really opened my eyes to the ugly truth.  I would strongly recommend attending this event next year.


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