A Day Off?


Since its Martin Luther King Day, we didn’t have classes today; however it didn’t feel like much of a day off!  First of all, I had a pledge education meeting in the afternoon with my team in order to do some planning and sketching out of the semester.  Our fraternity is still fairly new to campus so we never really had a true pledge program.  After starting to plan and think things out, it is so exciting!!  I cannot wait for us to begin rush so that I can start the pledging process!!

After this meeting, we had Chapter and then I had an Executive meeting since I am now secretary. Even though this weekend didn’t seem like much of a break, I have to say I do enjoy attending my fraternity meetings because I really like seeing and talking with everyone.  And I did enjoy the personal training workshop as well!  Time to get back to the school week—at least its short!


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